In Pictures: Incubus Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Incubus are a very under-rated band who have seemed to slip under the radar to many people, however, they have still sold millions of albums worldwide and sold out the Civic Hall comfortably.

Many fans argue that Incubus’ best days are behind them, with their two albums Make Yourself and Morning View being huge favourites, and they didn’t disappoint the crowd with a wide variety of tracks from early albums, plus a mixture of the best from their newest albums.

The band were recording the concert and beaming it around the world as they kicked off their latest European Tour, and the footage was also shown on the huge screen behind them, which led to a fantastic show. They also played songs of their latest album If Not Now, When?, such as ‘Isadore’ and ‘In The Company Of Wolves’ before Brandon and Mike did ‘Talk Shows On Mute’ and ‘Love Hurts’ acoustically.

[pullquote_right]Kicking off with ‘Privilege’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ before dropping one of their latest songs ‘Adolescents,’ Incubus also went as far back as 1997 with ‘A Certain Shade of Green.’[/pullquote_right]

With the gig reaching its climax, more popular songs like ‘Anna Molly’ and ‘Drive’ and ‘Megalomaniac’ were plated and they encored with ‘Nice To Know You’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Food.’ The latter was a little flat and some parts of the crowd seem disappointed that there wasn’t a bigger song played as the final one of the night, but either way, they all left happy, with many waiting around after to meet the band.

Words – Jon Pritchard
Photography – ©Mark Howell.

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