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Cinema has always been at the forefront of the modern revolution. Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, motion pictures and silent movies where shown in cinemas across the western world, people fell in love with the romantic idyll of cinema. During the tough times of the 1900’s, especially during the Great Depression of the 20s, cinemas were grand palaces that offered respite and luxury, which were drenched in a dreamy haze, and lulled the minds of civilians whilst they immersed themselves in the moving images on the screen in front of them. With nearly a 100 years been and gone, cinema is still a huge part of our lives, and with films such as The Artists, which blurred the boundaries between history and modern cinematography, and an homage to the origins of the art, it’s no surprise that we’re still in love with the silver screen.

Technology, ideas, creative reach and stories have evolved over the century of cinema, and with this, audience approach has matured too. Quite a few of us have moved from the physical journey of watching a feature length at the pictures, to watching films on the smaller screen of a TV, laptop, iPad, games console or even a phone. One of the biggest players in this part of the industry is LoveFilm, a concept that was born from movie passion, and home comforts. I’m going to concentrate on purely the easiest option LoveFilm offer for film watching, which is the LoveFilm Instant, where for £4.99 a month you get unlimited streams, so you can watch films to your heart’s content (obviously if your internet provider allows you enough scope with your ‘fair usage’ policy). This sounds like an absolute steal of an offer, and what’s better, is that you’re actually not stealing! With over 7,000 different titles under its belt, then how on earth could you get bored?

[pullquote_right]For £4.99 a month you have an ever growing film library at your fingertips that requires minimal effort[/pullquote_right]

Let’s reel it in a bit and dissect it a bit further. Although the shiny gleam of power fuelled advertising terminology propelling LoveFilm into fast becoming a household name, do you actually want to gorge yourself with 7,000+ pieces of film? Are they worth it? Is there enough of a variety to quench ones desire for diversity and assortment? Yes, but my goodness, there’s some titles that are not even ‘TV only films’ or ‘straight to DVD’ worthy.

However, as I’ve not had the opportunity to watch certain films in the past, I’m overjoyed with the content assortment. The array of different genres and styles is more than enough for an avid film lover to enjoy. With new releases being updated on a regular basis with blockbusting titles and even some obscure academy winners, which will appeal to the more creative of us, then this can’t be knocked. What else impressed me was the fact that it had a spectrum of genres (neatly organised and easy to navigate) that spanned from the 40’s right up to our modern day. For £4.99 a month you have an ever growing film library at your fingertips that requires minimal effort, leaving you more time to choose who you’d rather watch Liam Neeson’s new thriller with.

LoveFilm Instant also offers you the chance to watch TV series’ in their entirety, from both the US and UK. They’ve hit the nail on the head here, understanding our craving for addictive TV, so they’re dispensing drug-like dramas and mind numbingly entertaining sitcoms. LoveFilm collaborate with ITV, Lionsgate UK, MGM, BBC Worldwide and ABC, just to name a few, in order to bring you the perfect package to pick from.

It was easy to sign up it was surreal, and as I’m an amazing deal finder (on top of the 1 month free subscription you get anyway) if you use money back websites like I do, then you’re offered even more rewards. I would have a browse and see what you can find, as I found a £20 voucher as a nice little bonus. Stick that up Netflix’s ass, with their limited library and more expensive subscription fee.

So, if you’re in the mood to watch a classic like Casablanca, the boisterously brilliant Four Lions, the horrendously hilarious Horrible Bosses or the last instalment of the Harry Potter stunning spectacle, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, then Love Film is for you. LoveFilm is not only superb value for money, but the first port of call for film fantatics to find their fix.

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  • Ffi Davies

    I have brought it on Sammy Boy… as if you feel Netflix is better value for money. How silly 🙂