Interview | Alex Zane Reveals His Movie Secrets

Today, Sky Store Buy & Keep announced new research that confirms the movie viewing habits of the nation. We also found the top ten re-watched films.

To co-inside with this research, Sky Store Buy & Keep enlisted film expert, Alex Zane, to recommend how many times the UK’s most re-watchable films should be revisited, for the ultimate viewing experience.

We asked Alex a few questions about his view on getting distracted during films, his first ever film, which film he would loved to have starred in and much more…

On a scale of 1-10, how annoying is it when you’re distracted from a film? And what usually takes your attention away?

It’s a 10. The cinema is a holy place for me and should be respected, I can’t abide people messing about or talking at volume during a film. I think that there should be a way of democratically voting them out of the cinema. For example you could have a touch screen seating plan of the entire cinema in your armrest and if some one is making noise you can click on the chair they’re sitting on. If enough other people in the cinema do this, a trapdoor opens under the culprits’ feet, they are sucked down into a threshing machine and their liquefied remains are used to make hotdogs for the foyer. The by-product of this being that the hotdogs will actually have some nutritional value.


What was the first film you saw that made your hairs stand on-end? And at which moment…

My mum had a fairly loose adherence to the rating system of films so I saw a lot of 18 rated movies when I was six or seven. I remember the first ever I was allowed to rent was Aliens and – once we’d pressed the auto-tracking button enough to clear up the picture – I remember it terrifying me. Weirdly it wasn’t an alien but the scene when Bishop has to crawl through the tiny service tunnel using his elbows that I found most harrowing. Simply the potential that he might meet an alien coming the opposite way with nowhere to go was suitably grim.


What was the first film to make you shed a tear? It can be either tears of joy, or sadness.

I’m a big crier when it comes to films. It’s why I love 3D movies, not for the 3D itself but because you can hide your tears behind the glasses. It’s beautiful action sequences that really get me going… the bit in The Matrix when Neo says ‘Trinity’ as the helicopter disappears over the edge of the skyscraper or the moment the bus makes THAT jump in Speed always get me going. That’s why I rewatch movies, for those moments where a film exerts so much emotion on you as to cause a physical reaction. It’s not just action though, the end of Fight Club when the buildings explode and The Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind’ kicks in, that a beautiful moment and probably one of the reasons I rewatch that film at least once a year.


If you could have starred in one of your favourite films, which one would it be and why?

Smokey And The Bandit. Burt Reynolds was the first movie star I idolised after seeing that movie. I used to daydream about owning a black Pontiac firebird trans-am, still something I aim on doing at some point. I actually met Burt Reynolds a few years ago, he was a legend although he did keep calling me Alan Zone.

SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT II, Burt Reynolds, 1980

Can you remember the first film you ever watched? If so, what did you think of it?

Jaws is the first film I have a clearly distinct memory of seeing, mainly because I have never been so scared. It’s a film that ensured I would never go in the sea again. I was five when I saw it. I remember saying to my mum “I want to watch Jaws” and her saying “Well don’t say I didn’t warn you”. I have since explained to her that a more suitable response would have been “No you can’t watch Jaws” because I’m not sure a 5 year old fully understands the concept of jeopardy.


Alex Zane’s Re-watchability Ratings for the nation’s top 10 must re-watch films

1. Fight Club – Re-watchability Rating: 10
2. Inception – Re-watchability Rating: 9
3. The Bourne Trilogy – Re-watchability Rating: 8
4. Gladiator – Re-watchability Rating: 8
5. Alien – Re-watchability Rating: 7
6. The Usual Suspects – Re-watchability Rating: 7
7. Black Swan – Re-watchability Rating: 6
8. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Re-watchability Rating: 5
9. 2001: A Space Odyssey – Re-watchability Rating: 5
10. Donnie Darko – Re-watchability Rating: 4

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