Introducing: The Given Motion – America’s newest and dangerously catchy rock band

Are you sick to death of reading about the unlimited amount of promise that if you click this link then your life will be transformed and all your new music cravings will be satisfied instantly, just to experience an utter anticlimax? Yeah me too. Thankfully The Given Motion are here to shake up the humdrum and burst into your life clad with rambunctious lyrics, delicious licks and an intense rock sound only the likes of The Mars Volta, Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars.

The Given Motion have an anthology of heavy rock anthems that are so meticulously crafted that you’ll think that they’ve been around for years. They’re a group of guys who boast passion, talent and above all else, a handful of urban hymns of heartbreak and love that are powerful and utterly stunning.

The Story

Formed in Patchogue, New York in the summer of 2008, The Given Motion was a distant concept preceded by an undeniable energy and creative force, one that has sustained the band through triumph and hardship to their 1st record, Human Dictionary which is available on One Alliance Records in April 2012.

The Given Motion lets it’s talent do the talking, honing themselves on writing music that only comes when it’s good and ready. Human Dictionary promises to give the listener what they want to hear from a Long Island-born group: an unrestrained perspective, without the filler.

The Given Motion strive to give the most to their fans, who demand more than singles (while many acts scurry for the mainstream at the expense of the greater work). The band is constantly at work creating something new and honest. So long as our lives keep changing, you can count on the band to “Give Motion” to the tired and always leave you with something original.

Want to catch the guys live, well they’re performing a unique show on Friday, May 11th at O’Brian’s, Coram, New York.

What the Press are Saying

Whiteboard Project – “The Given Motion increase our vocabulary with their 7-track album Human Dictionary. It’s another voyage into familiar pop-rock territory…an easy listen that could have a broad mainstream appeal.”

Pop Culture Madness – “I find their sound could be compared to bands such as The Script and even possibly The Fray, as majority of the tracks on the band’s debut album “Human Dictionary” blend together rock music with pop sensibility to deliver a beautifully balanced sound that is sure to catch any listeners attention”



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