Ir/rational Investigator Announced on Steam Greenlight

Tom Jubert – writer and narrative designer behind indie success stories like Penumbra, FTL and The Swapper – today announced a commercial follow up to his hit flash logic-puzzler, Ir/rational Redux, and a day one arrival on Steam Greenlight.

Ir/rational Investigator follows Rick Lombardo, a private dick in a town short on cops and overflowing with scum. It’s a town where any Tom, Dick or Sally can get themselves a license to solve crime, or failing that: a gun and a bad attitude.

What picks this noir adventure out from the crowd is the unique deductive argument system that saw Ir/rational Redux score half a million plays web-wide, and a coveted 4 stars on Newgrounds. Players solve crimes by constructing and deploying logical arguments, and picking holes in those of their opponents.

Tom Jubert said:

“The feedback on the flash game suggested there’s just something engaging about flexing your brain in this way.  Packaging that in a wry noir fantasy where you’re as likely to logic your way into a whiskey bottle as a criminals’ hideout seems, to my philosophy-addled mind, like the perfect way to bring it to a broader audience; and to bring an involving narrative experience to iPhone and PC.”

Ir/rational Investigator is the second collaboration between Jubert, artist Martin Santana Camargo, and musician (and fellow Penumbra-developer), Mikko Tarmia.

The game is due to be released in short, 1-3 hour episodes, the first arriving in 2013 for iPhone and PC.

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