Jenny Schwarz SS13 Lookbook

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Jenny Schwarz SS13 Lookbook - Look 1

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Menswear Designer Jenny Schwarz is a fine example of how art and skill run through families blood. Her Great Grandfather, Johann Schneider, was a successful menswear tailor working in 1920s Munich and is the spark of inspiration behind Jenny’s ambitions.

Schwarz by name and dark by nature, her style has an eerie quality, something stolen from the past and injected into the present. Although she would be classed by her peers as a designer Jenny Schwarz’s craft, history and heart are rooted in traditional tailoring techniques. Her ingenuity lies in incorporating what a man recognises and what he would comfortably wear with elements of style and individuality. The diverse fabric textures she favours are a perfect example of how she takes conformity and twists it slightly. Her garments are always a joy to behold in person. The feel of the cloth is as important to her as the appearance and a closer look at her work only underlines the amount of precision, detail and thought that she displays in her craft.