JustMount: The Ideal Wall Organizer for iPhone

JustMount lets you magnetically tack your iPhone almost anywhere, elevating it from clutter on counters and desks. With JustMount, you’ll always have a handy spot for important items.

Combined with our new TidyTilt+ Case for iPhone 5, JustMount enables effortless and secure mounting on walls, cabinets, mirrors, desks, cubicles, windows, and more. 

Our first Kickstarter project, TidyTilt, enabled you to magnetically mount your iPhone to any ferrous metal surface. JustMount extends TidyTilt’s functionality, creating a mounting pad that can live almost anywhere. It holds your iPhone, TidyTilt-wrapped earbuds, and keys – all at the same time. 

JustMount holds iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. It’s curved edges are crafted to align perfectly with TidyTilt+ Case. 

JustMount attaches to most flat surfaces, letting you mount your TidyTilt-equipped iPhone where you couldn’t before. Each JustMount includes hidden wall-mounting hardware: we include both an adhesive pad and screws, so you can choose your preferred attachment method. Stick it to your bathroom mirror to watch the news while brushing your teeth. Put it at the front door to park your keys. Place it near your desk to organize office items and FaceTime at eye-level.