Kia partneners up with independent review company Reevoo

It takes a hell of alot of respect and motoring kudos to don the title of Car Manufacturer of the year, and in 2012 Kia did just that. This is down to many factors, and one of which will be down to their honest, and caring approach to their customers. Which is obviously important, as these are the guys that are buying the cars right?

To get the honest opinions and views from the people that keep the business running, independent review company Reevoo have teamed up with Kia to collect the opinions and reviews straight from the horse’s mouth. Reevoo collect, collate and publish car reviews from Kia owners on their website. If that isn’t enough for you, you can also ask existing owners questions about any of Kia‘s cars. You can jump over to Kia‘s website  to read the extensive collection of reviews and feedback. 

Just like us here at King Loaf, we are an independent company that takes its reviews seriously. The same goes for independent review company Reevoo, they are brutally honest, and real. All the opinions, feedback and reviews collected and published are not edited, or changed in a way to manipulate a personal opinion, even if they are truly, brutal reviews. Honesty is key when looking into reviews, and with something like a car, you want to know as much information from the people who own the cars and have experience with them, rather than a company smashing their advertising budget to get the selling figures. 

Kia seem to have their eyes, ears and minds open to what’s truly relevant when promoting a product. Like they say, they are just here to make the product, and show you what it looks like. The people that own the products are the ones with the real voice. 

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