Launch of the iPhone 5 Increases Online Demand for iPhone 4 Accessories

Anyone visiting a major shopping centre in the last week or so will have noticed the queues forming outside mobile phone shops. These can, of course, be attributed to the launch of the iPhone 5 – Apple’s new mobile phone that aims to build on the massive success of previous models, including the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.

The latter is likely to become completely obsolete now that Apple has released the iPhone 5. The iPhone 3GS will now fail to support the much-advanced technology available with the iPhone 5, although the iPhone 4 still has an important role to play for Apple.

That role is likely to be one of an entry-level smartphone handset that nevertheless boasts an array of high-quality features and functions. The iPhone is set to be available much more cheaply from phone companies looking to entice people with the Apple brand and the operating system behind so many popular apps.

What this is likely to mean for the consumer is initially greater value when it comes to Apple products. Right now, the iPhone 4 still represents a great phone and it is available at cheaper prices, perhaps even free with certain contract deals; users will be able to take advantage of the technology at better value.

Of course, new developments may creep up on the iPhone 4 over time, but many will see the earlier Apple device as great competition for the iPhone 5 – competition that will not altogether displease the manufacturer.

Moby Mode LTD, an iPhone accessory retailer dealing in a range of specialist iPhone products including iPhone covers, has not seen interest in iPhone 4 accessories diminish off the back of the iPhone 5 release and the firm expects to see even more visitors looking for high-quality iPhone 4 accessories such as sleeves, covers and cases in the next few months as the iPhone 5 beds in and the iPhone enjoys its new status.

The retailer has introduced a number of new ranges and offers via its website at in order to deal with the demand for the iPhone 4 now that it is set to become the first step for many new Apple users.

It remains to be seen how phone companies will continue to structure their offering as sales of the iPhone 5 pick up pace.

SOURCE Moby Mode Ltd