ManBuysPresent: 5 questions. 3 options. 1 decision. Job done!

Modern man does not wish to concern himself with hours of needless browsing on countless websites, searching desperately for the perfect gift for the special lady in his life. No, modern man will tire of this and end up ordering THE SAME bouquet of flowers that he bought last year… and the year before. What modern man is craving is a brand new present buying service; one which removes all traces of browsing, and in a matter of moments allows for a beautifully presented gift to be purchased which she is bound to love…PRESENTING a.k.a your new best friend!

Based on inputting five simple pieces of information, the genius that is ManBuysPresent will propose three fantastic and desirable gifts for you to choose from. A further click ensures that the chosen item is ordered, beautifully gift wrapped and delivered on time to whomever the lucky female recipient may be. Sorted!
Launched in June 2012, ManBuysPresent is set to ignite a present buying frenzy amongst the male population, thanks to its ridiculously simple ordering process and the eternal gratitude that you will receive in return.

To make life even easier, the ManBuysPresent personal cyber assistant ‘Tegan’ is on hand to help even the most forgetful man remember all the important birthdays and anniversaries;  meaning that never again will you be in the doghouse for a fatal memory slip up!

  • Loving KingLoaf and now loving ManBuysPresent – where have you been all my disastrous gift-buying life???