Massive Brands Make Video Taggable as wireWAX and Nike partner

wireWAX, who have previously partnered with international brands such as EMI, Tommy Hilfiger, Oki-Ni and Rip Curl have been instructed by Nike to help them take the leap into clickable video with an interactive ‘look book’ and shoppable video experience.

Having previously tested the technology Nike decided to build their campaign from beginning to end with wireWAX in mind. The result, filmed in New York, was purposely shot for wireWAX with engaging points to click and touch. This is proving to help them stand out in a homogeneous video market and offer opportunities to monetise in a human way – with all e-commerce and interactive features carried with the video wherever it goes (blogs, facebook, twitter and so on).

wireWAX has proven itself to be more effective than standard video in vital areas such as engagement – 4min average engagement from 2.5min video (ITV), click-through rate of 58% (Oki-Ni) and direct shopping within the video. Armando Garcia, Nike Digital Specialist; “For the always on Holiday Collection we where looking to elevate the way we presented product on line, a video look book with shoppable interactive capabilities would be as fresh as it comes. Thanks to the guys at wireWAX we where able to bring this to life.” The video is available on both Flash and HTML5 for the iPad and is integrated with the brand’s existing Brightcove video hosting account.

Nike are able to dynamically manage the content of their tags, so for example if an item is out of stock, or the price changes they can simply make alterations through a wireWAX plugin for Google Docs – so whether the video is 2 minutes or 2 years old – whenever a viewer clicks – they’ll see the latest dynamic info from Nike. Nike follow major brands such as Oki-Ni and Tommy Hilfiger in taking advantage of wireWAX’s unique innovation in intelligent e-commerce directly in the video removing the need for the end user to seek out a product, it guarantees a direct ‘one click’ link from video to purchase. Inevitably conversion rates are exponentially increased which is just part of wireWAX’s unique drive to make intelligent video openly available. Once the viewer has seen an item of interest and clicked on it they are presented with an image of the product, options such as size/colour, a description and a direct link to the item in the Nike online store.

Other fashion related brands who have taken advantage of wireWAX’s new and unique features include; Rip Curl, Lab Series, KMS and TK Maxx. Fashion are proving to be first to the technology and starting to make measurable increases in stickiness, differentiation and conversion opportunities from their investment in content. The Nike Look book is accessible on or can be shared on Facebook by pasting this URL – http:// More information on wireWAX wireWAX is an online-based video tool for adding motion-tracking hotspots or ‘tags’ to people and objects in video.

The process is akin to adding a tag to a Facebook photo, and once these tags are added, users can then add buttons with images, formatted text, links and applications. The latter of these, apps, is where it gets exciting… you can add video-in-video, ecommerce, SMS, competitions, interactive games – just about anything you can dream up. More information on Nike Nike is the world’s leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.