Move onto the next level with the Tablet PC

As we all know, technology has jumped onto a new level over the past few years. It's crazy to see how much we have progressed, how far we have moved along and even more excitingly, what is next to come.

Remember the days of the brick phones, the solid Nokia 3210's (you know the old ones where you could drop the phone and it would leave a dent in the pavement), the 10 inch long antennas attached to what feels like a building block in your pocket. There was no need to weight lift back in those days, just carry one of those bad boys with you all day and you'll have guns bigger than the American Army.

[pullquote_left]Browsing the internet on a tablet PC offers a much more efficient, creative and tentative user experience on a tablet.[/pullquote_left]Add to that the progression of our media channels. We had TV, black and white TV, then colour TV, then satellite, Freeview, Flat screen, 3D etc. – it all progressed in a short amount of time and has become the essential part of everyday life. The same goes for computers, some of the first computers where so big they wouldn't fit into a clowns motor. Now we have the thinnest, fasted, slickest computers available to buy and spend hours on. One of the latest, and greatest feats in technology is the Tablet PC, more so the Xperia™ Tablet.

These things come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the only real way of getting the right one for you is to test a few out. You can sit and compare specifications of each and everyone, but fundamentally, you're looking to spend the money on something you're going to use. As a men's magazine, we aim to provide you guys with the best knowledge of these pieces of equipment, but we can't tell you each one is going to right for you. That is something that you need to work out for yourself. What we can do however is advise you on what to look for. 

As with most technology, you want to spend as much money as possible on the item. As the more you invest in technology, the more you get out (in most cases that is). You want a sleek design, something easy to hold and essentially a crystal clear screen to look at naked chicks on. Those top ten killer galleries on King Loaf look ever so smashing on a Tablet PC, so it's wise to test us out on each one you try! 

Photographers We Are The Rhoads Chris & Sarah Rhoads  Photographers Agent Gregg Lhotsky - Laura Feeney - Talent Partners VP, Brand Experience - Patrick Bewley - SONY Creative Director - James Trump - SONY Producer, Brand Experience - Marcos Esparza - SONY Sr Mngr, Brand Experience - Su-Ren Neo - SONY

You want the user experience, and the ability to run all of your applications on these devices. These are the tools that allow you stream movies, check your mail on the go and browse the latest fluffy cat video. You want to be able to travel outside and use these in the car (not recommended whilst driving) on the tube, tram, in the park or local strippy. You name it, and you can take it there. Make sure if you're in a sketchy venue (i.e. strippy) that you have it attached to your body some how. The last thing you want is your shiny new Xperia™ Tablet PC to be nicked by a greasy scumbag.

These devices offer more Social Media avenues than Mark Zuckerberg's jock strap. Twitter and Facebook are the main applications you will probably be using, so always double check that these devices cater for such apps. They pretty much will, however if you're using a niche application on your smart phone, and want to use it on your tablet, just double check before splashing the cash. Ideally you want to tap into the Android Market, this provides you with the latest games, business utilities and multimedia tools. All of these are essential to running a tablet. No matter what you're planning on using it for, you will have to use an app. 

Browsing the internet on a tablet PC offers a much more efficient, creative and tentative user experience on a tablet. You can TRY browsing the net on your mobile, but in most cases, if not all, the user experience is dull due to the screen size. Tablet PCs offer a larger user interface, and a clearer picture for web based shenanigans. Don't go too big though, as you don't want to carry these things in a wheel barrow.

TabletsSpeaking of screen size, you want to look for the highest screen resolution and quality available. The crisper the screen, the more intense those viral videos will look. You want the HD screen, and to go along with it you need a tablet PC that provides some quality in-built speakers. There aren't many available on the market that provide a sound quality that is sublime, most of  them sound like Grandad farts. So be sure to test the audio quality on something you're likely you watch/listen to on the tablet. 

Finally, the e-books available to us now are astounding. There is an e-book on pretty much every single thing you can think of. Gone are the days of carrying your books in a bag, you can now carry thousands all within your tablet. And the best part is, you don't have to fold the corner of the pages to remember where you finished reading! You can flick through a gazzilion e-books on how to plant chili seeds, how to stop your dog from humping everything that moves and more essentially, how to become a player.

As mentioned before, these tablets are the next level in the tech world, don't miss out and go grab one. For everday use (other than your phone) these are a banging tool for your virtual world.  


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Xperia™ Tablet

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