Movember style guide and ‘how to’ video

If you’re taking part in Movember, this mo style guide from Grooming Expert, Jason Shankey is a must watch. From step-by-step guides on how to get the best shave to a selection of mo styles and how to achieve them there’s everything you need to gro’ a mo this Movember.

[pullquote_right]Proud sponsors of Movember, Wilkinson Sword, have created the essential must-watch video for all Mo Bros taking part in the month long charity event.[/pullquote_right]

Grooming Expert, Jason Shankey gives men a step-by-step guide on how to get the best shave and how to style and shape a range of mo styles. This video tells you everything you need to know on how to gro a mo this Movember.

Tools of the Trade

In the video, Jason uses the following products to achieve the perfect shave and styling of the mo.

Quattro Titanium Precision (RRP £9.29) is the ultimate Movember styling tool. The first 3-in-1 wet razor to combine a razor, styling blade and trimmer in one great gadget and an essential for all Mo Bros when taming bigger and harder to style mos. This clever waterproof razor with its titanium coated blades give a smooth, sharp finish for use in or out of the shower on those busy Movember mornings.   

Wilkinson Sword’s Hydro 5 (RRP £8.19) will give you the ultimate ‘shave off’ leaving your skin in prime condition to grow your mo. The hydrating gel reservoir adds moisture with every stroke and skin guards on its UltraGlide blades help reduce nicks and cuts to ensure your face stays super soft.  And with a simple flick of the thumb, Hydro 5’s flip trimmer is ready to edge and trim – great for defining smaller and easier to manage mos. Use alongside the Hydro Shave Care (RRP from £3.09) to boost skin hydration.

Mo Styling

Choosing which mo to grow is the first challenge of a new Mo Bro recruit. Check out our 6 custom mo designs below for inspiration. Keep in mind the size of your face – smaller faces need a small mo whereas more striking, larger faces need a more prominent style.  Keep longer moustaches in check with the Quattro Titanium Precision trimmer, or create exacting mo shapes with either the Hydro 5 Flip Trimmer or the Precision Edging Blade.

< The Rascal

If ‘Danger’ is your middle name, style up this bad boy for a look crafted to roguish perfection.

How to: Grow your mo along the upper lip about 2cm in length. As it passes the edges of the mouth, groom the hair using Quattro Titanium Precision Trimmer. Allow your mutton chops to flourish so they grow down your face and meet with your sculpted mo.

 The Eccentric >

If you’re the off-the-wall life-and-soul, get trimming and create the minimal look with maximum effect.

How to: Precisely sculpt each side of your mo leaving only an inch of hair in the middle. The rest of your face has to be fuzz free, so use the hydro 5 razor for the best shave for your skin.  

< The Connoisseur

If you scream sophisticate and scoundrel in one, why not don the best way to finesse your face?

How to: Grow your mo in to a perfect rectangle along the upper lip, using the Hydro 5 flip trimmer to create neat edges. Curl the ends up using your fingers and add a little wax to hold in place. 

The Maverick >

If you are a bit of a loose cannon then you’ll appreciate the crafted chaos of the marvellous mo on every wanted list.

How to: Grow hair over the upper lip and groom the edges so they finish about 1cm past your lip. Maintain the curved edges regularly and keep the length in check with the Quattro Titanium Precision Trimmer. 

< The Visionary

If your look and mind are way ahead of their time, shape the only style that can keep up.

How to: Grow the hair long above the upper lip so it can be parted and pulled to either side. Once the hair gets to a decent length maintain the neat edges with the Hydro 5 flip trimmer.