Music Video: PYYRAMIDS & Damian Kulash (OK GO) – ‘From Under Other Stars’

The newest edition to the Sony Xperia Versus‘ series is a new music video from Damian Kulash lead singer and guitarist of OK GO, new band PYYRAMIDS & photographer Martien Mulder. Inspired by the phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, the collaborators set off to shoot the video on Swedish Lapland using the Sony Zperia Z to shoot the video.

Having already established a unique approach to the world of the music video, OK GO lead vocalist Damian Kulash slaps his creative jeans on once again for this new video for Sony. The visual treat establishes the connection between the atmospheric surroundings of the area you shoot video, and the diversity of the creative minds of PYYRAMIDS and photographer Martien Mulder.   

You can watch the video below: