New Neon Colored Electric Bikes from Jetson E-Bike!

Jetson Bike announces the addition of the highly anticipated neon bike collection to their stylish, eco-friendly and affordable electric bike line. Neon pink, purple, yellow, orange and green bikes are now available, along with the eye-popping colors already for sale. 

Jetson E-Bike meets a growing consumer desire to find safe, green transportation alternatives; a trend that has steadily increased for both city and non-city residents, with the rapid rise of gasoline prices, continually clogged roadways, expensive taxi fares, and consistently crowded and unkempt public subway lines. 

The electric bike requires no license or registration to drive and runs on the highest-grade quality rechargeable lithium battery on the market. The Jetson bike offers both the “going electric” option and the classic bike and pedal experience, which also recharges the battery and gets you where you need to go! The Jetson E-bike is easy and fun to ride. It’s as simple as, well, riding a bike. 

With speed up to 20 mph, a forty-mile range per charge and a 500w motor, LCD digital screen and heavy-duty disc brake system, Jetson is safe and legal for urban and non-urban biking.

The Jetson E-Bike is available at and on Hammacher Schlemmer, America’s longest running catalog.

About Jetson:
Two friends from New York founded Jetson with a vision to start an environmentally and socially conscious company that would add value to people and their communities. Coming from a background in big business, they decided to leave the rat race and follow their passions. The result is the launch of Jetson, the first eco-friendly electric bike for people of all ages. For more information go to 

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