New special exhibition “Lichtblicke I” at the BMW Museum

From 25 April to 26 August 2012, the BMW Museum in association with Galerie Häusler Contemporary is presenting around ten illuminated artworks by internationally renowned light artist Keith Sonnier. The US American draws on the aesthetics of advertising by taking fluorescent lighting technology familiar from the world of neon adverts to form abstract light creations. The sculptures that make up “Lichtblicke I” bring light and metal, art and experiment, neon tubes and cars face to face.

Exhibition opening: night of light at the BMW Museum

The “Lichtblicke I” exhibition opens at the BMW Museum on 25 April 2012 with a special night of light. From 22.00 hrs to midnight, visitors can not only bask in the glow of Keith Sonnier’s installations but also enjoy the hourly fashion shows staged by the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode fashion academy on the theme of “Light and Shade”.

Dr Ralf Rodepeter, Director of the BMW Museum and Communication Visitor Experience Munich, has this to say about the current exhibition: “With their warmth and radiance, the light creations by Keith Sonnier harmoniously blend in with the architecture of the BMW Museum. We are delighted at this opportunity to continue the dialogue between light installations and the automobile. Since 2008, the BMW Museum has featured floor-to-ceiling light façades which provide opaque glass surfaces that open up possibilities for digital projections.”

“Lichtblicke I” is the inaugural event that kicks off this year’s cultural focus on “light” at the BMW Museum. Light-lovers can already look forward to the second instalment of the exhibition series – “Lichtblicke II” – in October 2012.

About Keith Sonnier

Keith Sonnier was born in Louisiana, USA in 1941. The light artist’s career began with a degree in art and anthropology, during which his fondness for artistic light creations manifested itself early on. In his works, glass, wire, felt and wax defer to the primary visual focus which is on the fluorescent tubes, neon lamps and light bulbs. Using cabling and wiring, he connects these to form abstract light sculptures. The idea is to raise the colourful neon tubes to a new formal plane that is compelling for its novel aesthetics. Keith Sonnier’s exhibitions and award-winning sculptures can be seen around the world. He himself lives and works in New York.


Exhibition opening Lichtblicke I.

When:      25 April 2012, 20.00 to 24.00 hrs                          

Where:    BMW Museum

                 Am Olympiapark 2

                 80809 München

Admission:   free

Bookings at:


Special exhibition Lichtblicke I.

When:     26 April to 26 August2012                                     

Where:   BMW Museum

                Am Olympiapark 2

                80809 München

Admission:   9 euros/6 euros


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