New time-efficient social media website:

Social networking accounts for one out of every six minutes spent online, according to comScore, Inc., a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence. To help navigate through social networking efficiently, JustSyncTM Entertainment Corporation is launching their free Social LifestyleTM application to simplify, synchronize and add entertainment value to your social networks.[pullquote_right]JustSync invites their users to create groups for charities they love and encourage their members to join and interact on JustSync to earn points. The company will make a $10,000 contribution to the organization that has the most points on JustSync supersite users can receive giveaways that include: camcorders, cell phones loaded with their applications and other prizes.[/pullquote_right]

JustSync’s non-intrusive and fresh approach entertains their users with positive news, music, movies and more, while allowing subscribers to be the entertainer by “SyncastingTM” (privately sharing your actions through JustSync) what they choose to their network. The new supersiteTM network users will be able to interact by Syncasting messages, discussion rooms, and videos. The new private network is also creating simple and easy opportunities for their subscribers to give back to charitable organizations through JustSync group competitions and live events. The first of many applications to come in the JustSync Social Lifestyle is SyncasterTM, which combines the ability to synchronize all of your social networks with a simple download that allows users to Syncast their live geographic location and listen to JustMusic, live iMTM (Internet modulation) Radio Channels with live DJs exclusive to to be announced soon.The live iM radio stations are also embedded in the Syncaster app, so you can listen to any of the eight genres of JustMusic: JustPop, JustHipHop, JustDance, JustCountry, JustLatin, JustIsland, JustClassical and JustSamba and JustRock (coming soon).

For safety purposes, JustSync provides Secure Location Posting functionality for Syncasting. The application differs from other GPS applications by enabling the Syncaster to choose what they want to report and comment.  The JustSync Code MobileTM (CM) app utilizes JustSync’s code communication technology to Syncast short messages like “In a meeting!”,”On a call,” or “At a concert” by pressing the corresponding icon when responding to a phone call or text message. To get the JustSync Social Lifestyle applications, simply scan the quick response QR code or download the application from and it will be available on your Android device, syncing all of your social networking communities together instantly.

Those with the Syncaster app can privately Syncast their location, a post to their board or to a specific friend or fan and listen to their personal JustMusic iM Radio Channels. Those without Android devices can listen to JustMusic by simply registering at

 The new social networking supersite is now expanding and recruiting College Syncasters. To apply, send a two-minute video to demonstrating your school pride, energy and details about why you want to be a Syncaster for Syncasters will be required to spend two hours per day for five days on, while promoting the brand and inviting friends and peers to join the new social lifestyle supersite.  JustSync’s live-Syncast event premier will be held at Eden’s exclusive VIP rooftop on August 20 at Eden Nightclub, 1716 I Street Northwest, Washington, D.C. 20006. For more information, call (202) 905-9300. To download the JustSync Social Lifestyle supersite applications and to learn more about JustSync, visit