News From Google Android

Google’s Android mobile operating system has been top of the OS’s for quite a while now, and thanks to the huge variety when it comes to devices running the system and the massive number of apps available to users, there’s always fresh news emerging concerning Android and its associated products. Here are some of the hot new stories concerning Android!


Microsoft has been displaying a number of signals recently, basically displaying to customers and competitors that it is very comfortable with the notion of cross-platform services and products, and the company’s new app, Picturesque, continues the trend. The app is, quite simply, a lock screen that, as well as displaying notifications, weather, news, date etc, swipes through beautiful images chosen automatically via the Bing search engine.

Google Now Goes Third Party

Google Now, the company’s 2012 product that provides personalised search results for users based upon previous searches and actions, now has been updated to support forty third party apps. Apps such as Pandora can now recommend music to play and remind you of appointments, and the announcement will mean great things for Google’s Android Wear wearable tech platform. Perhaps soon we’ll see cross-party support for products as diverse as online gaming sites; perhaps gamers playing on will soon be able to see notifications and updates from the provider, or more generally, gamers may be able to get all manner of new, mobile-supported services from developers.

Nexus 5 Returns

After a long hiatus from being listed on the Play Store, the LG Nexus 5 is now back and available for purchase, the 16 and 32gb versions now available for $349 and $399 respectively. The Nexus 5 has proved a massive hit with reviewers and users alike, and is an excellent device for users wanting to get the most out of their Android experience. Beware though, rumours are circulating that the smartphone might sell out as soon as March 31st!

Lollipop Flags

Google’s new iteration of the Android system, Lollipop, was lauded upon release thanks to it’s massive increases in functionality, the ability to ‘pin’ guest users within an app, plus (finally) a first party flashlight app, but news from the company indicates that the release is only installed on 1.6% of devices, compared to 44.5% of devices for Jelly Bean (Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3). Apple’s iOS 8 now powers 69% of all Apple devices, so Google will likely be looking for ways to increase the Lollipop user base soon.