Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard’s “Stormin” Music Video Premiere on Under The Gun

After receiving an overwhelming response to their first collaboration EP, The Brave Abraham JudahNick Miller & the Hustle Standard have brought their conceptual cowboy to life in their first official music video. Set in the desert of New Mexico, the gritty, outlaw rock-anthem is perfectly captured in the rustic scenery and acting. The ‘Stormin’ music video premiered today exclusively on Under The Gun Review, check out the video here:  

When asked about the concept behind the album and song, producer/songwriter Charley Hustle described it as:

“We threw around a lot of ideas for videos for this project, and we knew we had to keep with the theme of the EP – mostly because it was a very conceptual collection of songs, and they were very dark. I mean all 5 songs are about a killer from the old West. We thought we could either play against that or go with it. So we went with it, haha. But the thing about this guy, the reason for even writing songs about Abe Judah, is that he‘s questioning what he’s done. He’s looking for a way out; a way to be forgiven before his life is over. So we tried to capture that in this video – that feeling of regret. 

Coincidentally, I was having my wedding in Santa Fe, NM, so we thought that it would be the perfect backdrop for a video from this project. It was also amazing to have my father, George, featured in the video. Besides being a very handsome guy, he’s got real depth to him, and he didn’t have to pretend to be a badass. He’s the real deal.”
In a six-track, meat-and-potatoes blues-rock concept album, Nick Miller & the Hustle Standard have created an epic of the fictional life of The Brave Abraham Judah and his murderous adventures across the Wild West. The duo barbecued up a medley of American roots music: rock & roll, blues, Americana and western for the fourth installment of The Hustle Standard collaboration series which dropped on August 14, 2012, debuting at #11 and peaking at #8 on the iTunes Blues Chart. With howlin wolf yowls bouncing off hard-hitting drums, sludgy guitars and body-rocking grooves, Miller sounds like a time-honored, broken blues-man, while Hustle keeps the rhythm fresh and tight. They’re channeling classic rock with a twinge of something out of a film noir Western and modernizing it with relentless, syncopated beat twists. The final product yields an ace-high sound that’s effortlessly vintage-cool, homage to what the blues-infused genre of rock & roll used to be.
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