Olive Films Opens Sci-fi Drama WOMB

Olive Films is proud to announce the theatrical premiere of the controversial sci-fi drama Womb (2010), starring Eva Green (Dark Shadows, Casino Royale, The Dreamers) and Matt Smith (Doctor Who). A haunting story of all-consuming love and human cloning, Womb was directed by Benedek Fliegauf (Tejút), one of the most respected Hungarian filmmakers of his generation. His latest and recently completed film, Just the Wind (2012), won the Jury Grand Prix at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival this past month, Feb. 2012.


[pullquote_right]Scheduled to open at New York’s Cinema Village on March 30, 2012, before expanding to other markets nationwide, Womb (2010) will be released on DVD and Blu-ray later this year by Olive Films.[/pullquote_right]

Womb tells the story of the cross-generational love affair between Rebecca (Eva Green) and Thomas (Matt Smith), two childhood friends who, once re-united, became instant lovers – only to be separated again by Thomas’ accidental death. After contemplating suicide, Rebecca finds consolation in the idea of cloning Matt back to life.

Although society at large hasn’t fully accepted the idea of human cloning, and often ostracizes those who have been cloned, Rebecca decides to forge ahead with her plans to give birth to her lost love – literally. Living in an old and isolated house, Thomas grows up believing his father died in an accident – and she never mentions cloning to him. Notwithstanding their secret, Rebecca and Thomas lead an almost normal life during his first years.

But as the years go by, Rebecca seems less and less inclined to deal (or accept) the complexities of her decision – and eventually, Thomas grows to the exact image of her beloved man. One day, however, Rebecca’s secret is unveiled, and Thomas’ inexplicable urges have to be dealt with.

Fully embracing the film’s controversial and polemical content, Olive Films gave carte blanche to Chicago-based designer Andrew Sobol to design the film’s US poster. The result is an image as dark and seductive as the film itself.


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