On The Ropes announce exclusive premier in December at The Luxe Cinema

 On the ropes will be enjoying their exclusive premier in December at The Luxe Cinema .

‘On The Ropes’ was written and directed by Mark Noyce. It follows the fictional character of martial arts instructor Keith Kraft and his rivalry with boxing gym owner Big Joe, played by actor and former boxer Joe Egan. The cast also includes Ben Shockley, Lindsay Honey, Raymond Griffiths, Sean Byrne and Alex Vincent.

‘On the ropes’ is already making its mark after recently being signed up in an exclusive 3 year distribution agreement. The exclusive deal between Cornerstone Media International, Frozen Echo Productions and Ink Pixel Films will include more films.

Shaniqua’ and ‘The n00bs’ have been named as the company’s next two projects to enter the pre-production stages. Both comedies, ‘Shaniqua’ will tell the story of a girl’s ambition to become famous despite not having any noticeable talent and ‘The n00bs’ centres around a group of friends who decide to quit their day jobs to become professional video game competitors.

Shaniqua’ stars Emma Louise Cargill as the title character. ‘The n00bs’ will star Mark Noyce, Alex Vincent who is best known for his starring role as Andy Barclay in Child’s Play 1 & 2, and Steve Coleman.