Oscars 2012: Sacha Baron Cohen spills ‘Kim Jong-il’s ashes’ over Ryan Seacrest

As always Sacha Baron Cohen likes to push the boundaries and franky, not give a shit. He’s brilliant, and got the guts to do pretty much anything. On the Oscars red carpet, Baron Cohen’s bearded Admiral Gen Shabazz Aladeen walked holding an urn with the image of Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s dictator, who died in December. Probably the best part is the opening lines of the LIVE interview from Cohen..

“Hello, Death to the West”

He was flanked with two women posing as bodyguards, and during an interview with Ryan Seacrest he spilled the contents of the urn down the front of Seacrest’s suit before being bundled off by security.

The actor, who is promoting his latest film and character, The Dictator, was rumoured to have been barred from the ceremony and the irreverent comedian, dressed in character, had posted a video online on Friday voicing his “outrage” at Oscar organisers.



  • The best part of this is his opening line to the interview “Hello, Death to the west” Brilliant.