Over 1 Million Squad Members Have Joined Super Hero Squad Online!

Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment announced today that over one million players have joined Marvel Super Hero Squad Online since the game launched this past April.  This free-to-play, browser-based MMO allows players play as the Super Hero Squad versions of famous Marvel Heroes like Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Cat, Nova and Deadpool.

Since Marvel Super Hero Squad Online went live in April, the team has added two Social Zones, over a dozen new Combat Missions, over two dozen Heroes, along with new game modes and hundreds of unlockable items. Players can now travel to the Dark Dimension to fight the fearsome flame-headed Dormammu in the “Dormammu Mia!” mission, defeat the unstoppable Juggernaut in “All for Jugger-Naught” or take on Doctor Doom’s evil forces in multiplayer action missions.  Trick out a deck to battle friends and foes alike in the collectible Card Game! Marvel Super Hero Squad Online players can also blow off some steam with Arcade minigames like “Whack-A-Moloid”, “Base Invasion” and “Night Patrol” or earn unique heroes leveling up their Squad through the newly released Challenge System.

Players can also explore the many and varied game environments like Doctor Doom’s “Villainville”, soar through the towers in “Baxter Plaza”, swing from the World Tree in “Asgard” or climb to the top of the “Daily Bugle”. The selection of characters leaves no wish unfulfilled.  In the coming months, additional Super Heroes from Marvel’s library of over 8,000 will be available!

Fans can play entirely for free or subscribe to unlock additional Super Heroes, cards, missions and rooms for their headquarters. Spin the Prize Wheel for additional in-game Gold, Silver and items. This free-to-play online kids game is accessible from most browsers without lengthy downloads, so it’s fast and easy for families to jump in and start having fun.

“The Super Hero Squad Online team has done an amazing job delivering a stable and polished world where Marvel fans of all ages can go, explore, and experience being a Super Hero,” said TQ Jefferson, Vice President of Games Production, Marvel Entertainment. “The fact that this free-to-play online game has reached over a million people is a testament to the time and effort the team has committed to making Super Hero Squad Online a fun and constantly engaging experience.” 

“Thanks to our players, the world of Super Hero Squad Online is growing at an amazing rate,” stated Jay Minn, Vice-President of the Seattle-based Gazillion studio, The Amazing Society. “We’ll keep adding new content and characters all the time, it’s truly wonderful to see the game alive with over a million registered players having fun brawling, battling, exploring and making super heroic friends!”

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