PageNet Releases New Version of The Night Flier for iOS devices

PageNet announced that the new version of The Night Flier game is now available for all iOS devices. The Night Flier is an adventure arcade game where player navigates game character to conquer the night sky.

In The Night Flier, the player is supposed to help bat in flying over various locations:
the town, the cemetery, the underworld. To be successful one should wade through endless labyrinth of roofs, sneak past wild hungry cats, avoid meeting heavy bricks and fly up to the clouds dodging wild planes. Flier is also fond of eating midges, collecting coins and gems. “Coins and gems are extremely useful, as you will be able to upgrade your bat; you can put on the gas mask or the new skin!” said Sergey Shpital, CEO of PageNet.

“I’m very pleased with the Night Flier; I hope people will find it both challenging and easy to use at the same time,” said Sergey. “We designed two locations, and the third one will be available soon, each location contains ten unique levels.” There are three difficulty levels available, so if you are not an experienced flier you should choose easy mode rather than the hard one. “Shop items are intended to make your journey more fascinating; shop provides you with skins, rockets, magnets, and masks; but they are not cure-all, one should use them wisely,” said Sergey.

The Night Flier is now available for free world-wide from Apple’s App Store for all iOS devices.

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PageNet, mobile software development company located in Moscow, Russia, was founded in 1996 for the purposes of creating mobile applications for various mobile platforms:

iOS, Android, Bada, Symbian, J2ME and Brew.