Peter Gabriel / New Blood Live In London / 3D

Eagle Rock Entertainment are proud to announce the issue on 24 October 2011 of the stunning Peter Gabriel concert film “New Blood Live In London”.  This show was filmed in high definition 3D and is available to buy on multiple formats: the triple-pack 3D release [contains the 3D Blu-ray, regular Blu-ray and DVD versions – Cat. No. ERBRD5104]; regular Blu-ray [Cat. No. ERBRD5084] and standard DVD [Cat. No. EREDV888].  A deluxe limited edition [Cat. No. EREDV902] comes as an 11.5” square 60 page hardback photobook containing the live DVD and Blu-ray, the CD of the “New Blood” studio album and an exclusive CD of live tracks from the show.  This visual release compliments the release of the “New Blood” studio album by EMI on October 10th and the 3D version will be released in cinemas in September.  “New Blood” features many classic tracks including “Biko”, “Red Rain”, “Solsbury Hill”, “Don’t Give Up”, “Blood Of Eden”, “The Rhythm Of The Heat”, “Mercy Street”, “Intruder” and more

Filmed in high definition 3D at Hammersmith Apollo in March of this year, “New Blood – Live In London In 3 Dimensions” captures Peter Gabriel performing live with the 46 piece New Blood Orchestra. The repertoire mixes cover versions from his “Scratch My Back” album with classic tracks from across his solo career in brand new orchestral arrangements. Gabriel is a renowned live performer and his onstage charisma and instantly recognisable voice combine brilliantly with the orchestral sound palette to breathe a new sense of wonder into familiar songs.  As you would expect the concert is also a visual feast, with graphics, animation and imagery blending to enhance and illustrate the music.


  1. Intruder  
  2. Wallflower  
  3. The Boy In The Bubble  
  4. Après Moi  
  5. The Drop  
  6. Washing Of The Water*  
  7. The Book Of Love  
  8. Darkness  
  9. The Power Of The Heart  
  10. Biko  
  11. San Jacinto       
  12. Digging In The Dirt  
  13. Signal To Noise  
  14. Downside Up  
  15. Mercy Street  
  16. The Rhythm Of The Heat  
  17. Blood Of Eden  
  18. Red Rain  
  19. Solsbury Hill  
  20. In Your Eyes  
  21. Don’t Give Up  
  22. The Nest That Sailed The Sky

* not on 3D version

 With the Bonus Feature section [Blu-ray & DVD only) offering the feature “Blood Donors” – the story behind the project including an interview with Peter Gabriel – “New Blood Live In London” is a landmark release both for Peter Gabriel and indeed for Eagle.  Unmissable. 


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