PhoneShop engaged for third series

E4 have announced that the staff of PhoneShop will return for a third series.

Phil Bowker, Writer, Producer and Director, says: “We are genuinely delighted that we’re going to get to work with the good people , at E4 again this year. PhoneShop is something I care deeply about and it’s incredible (and rare) to be able to nurture and grow it in the company of people who have an unparalleled enthusiasm and understanding of your show.”

Nerys Evans, Comedy Commissioning Editor, Channel 4, says: “We’re thrilled we’re going to have another series of PhoneShop, it’s such a beautifully observed reflection of, as they say in the show “Cameron’s Britain!” A rare alchemy of fantastic writing with a brilliant cast delivering note-perfect performances.”

PhoneShop has been written, directed and produced by Phil Bowker (Sharon Horgan’s Pulling, and Sean Lock’s 15 Stories High) and features a hugely-talented ensemble core cast, including Tom Bennett (Pulling), Andrew Brooke (Pulling, Cemetery Junction), Emma Fryer (Home Time, Ideal), Javone Prince (Horrible Histories) and Martin Trenaman (The Inbetweeners) with cameo support from Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker, Facejacker) as area manager Razz Prince.

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