RAKE in association with Mercedes-Benz closes London Fashion Week

TONIGHT Mercedes-Benz UK joined forces with menswear label RAKE to host their autumn/winter 2012 fashion presentation which closed this season’s London Fashion Week and Menswear Day.

Mercedes-Benz UK – the official car sponsor for London Fashion Week and the event – provided a fleet of cars bringing celebrity guests, including British Rapper Tinie Tempah and model David Gandy to the front row of Claridge’s Ballroom to watch the menswear designer’s debut catwalk show.

Andrew Roberts, Communications Director, Mercedes-Benz UK, believes: “There is a strong, natural fit between Mercedes-Benz and RAKE.  Both brands share the same high quality ethos and well-structured approach to design,” adding “Rake’s first catwalk show at London Fashion Week promised to be a real spectacle which delivered and we are delighted to have supported this event.”

Clive Darby, Director at RAKE, said: “Rake appeals to the classically dressed gentleman through to the younger man who wants to fuse styles and mix and match. Mercedes-Benz shares the same strengths, with cars that appeal to a wide audience.”

RAKE is headed by Savile Row stalwart and former Richard James and Kilgour Director Clive Darby. Sharing remarkably similar credentials, Mercedes-Benz and RAKE champion luxury, quality products while maintaining a cool and fashionable appeal, resonating with a wider market.

With the classic, tailored look making a strong comeback for men across the spectrum from the High Street to the catwalk, Mercedes-Benz’s classic lines, finely stitched interiors and perfection in finishing is mirrored in RAKE’s attention to detail and luxury attributes.

Both brand’s corresponding aesthetics have also generated excitement for the RAKE team, who see Mercedes-Benz’s effortless classic, sleek, coolness as design characteristics synonymous with their own.

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