Rare Atari 2600 Game Brings Record of $10,400 at Auction

Every so often video game collectors are turned head-over-heals for one particular video game; a game that historically was believed to exist but in the current day and age has never been seen or confirmed to actually exist. One can remember the hype and lore surrounding what was considered to be the first “Holy Grail” of video game collecting, Chase The Chuckwagon for the Atari 2600. At one time this was thought to be the rarest game for the much beloved Atari 2600 game console.

This was a game distributed in conjunction with a Ralston Purina Chuckwagon Dogfood promotion back in 1983. The cartridge was designed by then third-party software company, Spectravision. It was believed in the early to mid 90′s that very few if any of these promotional cartridges actually made it into consumer’s hands and thus the hunt was on to be the first collector to find one of these prized cartridges. The “Holy Grail” was born! In the end, we now know there were actually a good number of Chase The Chuckwagon cartridges that circulated to consumers and today, this cart which fetched thousands when they were first discovered, now fetches around $100. But, the history and lore of Chase The Chuckwagon still make it highly collectible today.

Since then there have been countless other circumstances surrounding the discovery and selling of rare video games from nearly all consoles and generations of gaming. It is hard to believe, but in the past couple years there have been a few rare instances of these “Holy Grail” video games bringing in upwards of $50,000. Now Atari collectors are going out of their minds again since another cartridge whose very existence was once challenged by the most expert of Atari collectors was discovered in 2007 at a garage sale.

Red Sea Crossing was thought to never exist but five years ago one surfaced at a garage sale alongside another Atari rarity, Music Machine. Unlike most of the popular Atari 2600 games that were all sold in department and toy stores, both of these were sold in religious stores or magazines and as can be imagined compared to the mass produced, mass marketed games, these became amazingly hard to find and in the case of Red Sea Crossing, impossible to find “in the wild”. The important thing to note is both of these games were discovered together at a garage sale, which makes some sense as the original owners might have purchased them at the same time. Even after the news broke on the internet of the existence of Red Sea Crossing there were skeptics. That was until an advertisement was dug up by an eagle-eye collector on AtariAge. This advertisement was then confirmed to exist by many others there scouring local libraries to see if they also had a copy of the religious magazine that contained the ad. More ads popped up and it was confirmed that Red Sea Crossing did, in fact exist.

After making this monumental discovery, the new owner appropriately (and smartly) decided to seek out the experts on AtariAge and posted a thread about his find. Like anything, it was met with skepticism at first until that magazine ad surfaced. It was then, after the existence of Red Sea Crossing was confirmed in the eyes of collectors, the new owner started entertaining the idea of putting his game cartridge up for auction. And that day has finally come (and gone) as Red Sea Crossing was officially for the first time in history up for auction on GameGavel.com, the only auction site dedicated to the gaming hobby. Tonight the auction closed at a whopping $10,400, the most ever for a “loose” Atari 2600 game cartridge.

To celebrate this occasion GameGavel is offering anyone with the rarest of video gaming goodness to list it (and hopefully sell it) for free on GameGavel.com through October 31, 2012. If you have something that will bring in a few thousand or more and don’t want to be hammered with the high fees of the corporate auction site then give GameGavel.com a try. Let’s keep this party going! If you have something rare and want to sell it contact us at admin@gamegavel.com and we will work out the details.

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