At Samsung’s European Regional Forum today, Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd, the UK’s number one TV brand with the most awarded TV range1 —strengthened its leadership in the television market through the introduction of three new TVs encompassing Super OLED, LED, and Plasma technologies.
A ‘Best of Innovations Award Honoree’ at CES 2012, Samsung’s 55-inch Super OLED TV wowed the audience as a masterpiece to be acclaimed by home entertainment and design enthusiasts alike. Created from a single pane of glass, Samsung’s Super OLED technology will deliver the ultimate in true-to-life picture quality and thinness.
Stephen Mitchell, General Manager for TV, Samsung UK & Ireland comments:  “With the stunning image clarity of Samsung’s new Super OLED TV, the powerful new features and cutting-edge design of our ES8000 LED TV, combined with the impressive picture quality and value offered by our new Plasma E8000 TV additions, we have stunning line-up of new TVs for the European region today.”
Smart LED and Plasma TVs Bring New Era of Interaction, Content & Design
Debuting at Samsung’s 2012 European Regional Forum are the company’s newest LED and Plasma TV series innovations—which redefine the way in which consumers manage their home entertainment experience and interact with their Smart TVs.
Smart Interaction—Intuitive platform based on Motion Control, Voice Control, and Face Recognition commands for the TV. Smart Interaction complements the remote while offering greater choice and convenience in how consumers control their home entertainment experience. Users can turn the TV on or off, activate selected apps or search for content in the web browser simply by speaking and with a wave of their hand, they can browse and choose a link or content via the web browser
Smart Content—Share photos, memories and memos with family from the TV to the cloud to smart devices, manage your own health directly from the TV, and access educational content for kids. The industry’s broadest offering of movies, TV shows and streaming videos can be enjoyed via Samsung Apps, the industry’s preferred TV apps platform, and Samsung Media Hub
Smart Evolution—Select Samsung TVs in 2012 will allow consumers to enjoy new experiences as their TV is ‘reborn’ each year with the latest smart technology, simply by installing kits. The kit will deliver enhanced hardware and software offerings on Samsung’s proprietary system-on-chip technology—extending the consumers’ ‘new TV’ experience for years to come
As TVs have become smarter, Samsung Smart TVs now bring the family back to the living room—by embracing the current multi-screen world, users are able to do more with their TV via Samsung’s new exclusive services.
Family Story’s album lets users organise photos and enjoy slide shows on the big screen. Family members can also send memos and reminders to the TV anywhere they are via the phone, tablet or PC
Fitness allows consumers to connect their Samsung TV to a Samsung smart phone via a mobile fitness app called ‘Noom.’ They can also connect to a Wi-Fi enabled scale to manage weight and exercise goals, and use the TV’s built-in camera to create a virtual mirror that replicates exercise activities
Kids offers a wealth of infotainment and games in a kid-friendly interface that parents can control and monitor
Additionally, new in 2012, AllShare Play will allow users to upload and share multimedia content with compatible devices such as smart phones, tablets, cameras, and computers—regardless of being inside or outside the home. Finally, thanks to a new dual-core processer, consumers can simultaneously run multiple apps within Smart Hub and enjoy a tabbed browsing experience.
The 2012 line of Smart LED and Plasma TVs also support connectivity with select wireless keyboards and mice, making it more convenient than ever to access and navigate content.
New LED and Plasma TVs Deliver on Clear Picture Quality and Breathtaking Design
Samsung’s new LED TV ES8000, ES7000 and new Plasma TV E8000 continue to raise the bar in picture quality and design. Samsung’s ES8000 and ES7000 deliver clearer images in both 2D and 3D, while the ES7000’s Micro Dimming feature and the ES8000’s Micro Dimming Ultimate feature allow viewers to enjoy richer colours and higher contrast ratios.
The PSE8000’s innovative Real Black Pro Panel combines advancements in the structure of the plasma panel with software improvements—yielding blacker blacks, bolder colours, higher contrast and exceptional picture quality. Black levels are improved by 10 percent, creating an incredible cinematic viewing experience.
Both TV series take Samsung’s minimalist and luxurious design one step further. The ES8000 and ES7000, again feature Samsung’s 5mm (0.2-inch) ultra-slim bezel while the Plasma TV E8000 combine a new Titan black bezel design with enhanced display technologies for the most exceptional Plasma TV Samsung has ever created. The E8000 also sports a slim 38mm (1.5-inch) profile and Samsung’s Plasma +1 ultra-slim bezel design—both of which yield more viewing room without increasing the size of the TV.
Samsung’s First-Ever Super OLED TV Impresses with Picture Quality and Design
With a rich history in producing awe-inspiring OLED products such as mobile phones and digital cameras, Samsung’s industry-first 55-inch Super OLED TV represents the culmination of years of research and design.
Delivering 30- to 40-percent better colour accuracy than LED TVs, Samsung’s Super OLED TV displays breathtaking true-to-life colours that are unparalleled to any other product on the market today. The company’s Super OLED technology is equipped with thousands of self-emitting RGB sub-pixels directly imbedded on the surface of the glass panel. This unique panel eliminates the need for a colour filter while the sub-pixels offer incredible picture detail in even the darkest scenes.
Samsung’s Super OLED TV can achieve faster response times than traditional LED TVs, nearly eliminating motion blur and making even the fastest action scene crisp and clear. Moreover, Samsung’s Super OLED TV is drastically lighter and slimmer than LED TVs, which require a backlight.
Redefining elegance and simplicity, Samsung’s Super OLED TV is both bold and elusive, blending into any environment. When powered on, the edge-to-edge picture transforms the television into a breathtaking spectacle. When turned off, the TV resembles a gorgeous sheet of floating glass.
Samsung’s Super OLED TV also features the full slate of Smart Interaction, Smart Content, and Smart Evolution offerings that make up the unique consumer benefits of Samsung’s flagship TV lines.                                                         
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