Samsung expands its G-Series refrigeration range

Samsung Electronics today announced the expansion of its leading G-Series refrigeration range which will be available to buy in the UK from later this year.
Gino Grossi, Product Manager for Refrigeration, Samsung UK & Ireland said: “The problem that many of our customers today face is that they have very little in the way of space or storage in the homes, particularly in their kitchens. We take this into consideration when developing new products and hope to offer a solution through our ergonomically designed appliances.”
G-Series 70cm Wide Combi Fridge Freezer
Samsung’s new G-Series 70cm Combi line-up offers a smart solution for people looking for a large capacity refrigerator but who don’t have space in their kitchens to fit an American sized product. The new G-Series Combi fridge freezers offer a massive 440-litre capacity thanks to their Thin Wall insulation technology which increases inner storage space without affecting the refrigerator’s body size. Thin Wall insulation further reduces the thickness of the wall while maintaining insulation performance meaning owners can enjoy additional storage space and more easily organise their groceries.
The new range will feature brighter or upgraded LED lighting that uses 75 percent less energy and illuminates every corner of the refrigerator. The G-Series 70cm Combi will also come equipped with a slim water dispenser to increase inner space, a twist ice maker, and easy open handles to complete the overall look and feel of the appliance.
G-Series Combi fridge freezers boast a range of innovative features including:
·         Energy efficiency: The G-Series 70cm Combi refrigerator has an energy rating of up to A++ due to Samsung’s Smart Eco System, which applies sensor technologies and an intelligent self-adjusting compressor operation tailored to every consumer’s usage
·         Blue LED Display: A blue LED display on the front door enhances the design and usability of the refrigerator.
·         Ergonomic door handle: For easy opening without extra force.
10 Year Warranty: The Digital Inverter Compressor in Samsung’s refrigerators enhances efficient cooling performance while increasing energy saving and controls the noise levels of the appliance. This feature is warrantied for a period of 10 years.
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