Samsung Galaxy S4 with Group Play

Every week there seems to be something new on the technology market that blows you away. It could be the smallest of things, but those little things always add up and create a ‘wow’ factor. Now the Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to have hit the market with more tech-muscle than Arnold Schwarzenegger (in his prime obviously). Some of the features available on this handset are mental, in the most part just for show and not really essential, but it’s nice to have extra features to show off to your mates.

Now here is where it gets funky… The Samsung Galaxy S4 allows you to get your mates involved in the showing off (provided they have the same handset obviously). The ‘Group Play’ feature means you can enjoy music, photos and games with those around you, without requiring a Wi-Fi AP or cellular signal. Simply get your mates together, get all Samsung Galaxy S4 phones together and create a powerful sound system that enhances the sound quality into all kinds of wireless audio fun. Check out the video in the featured player above to see how it works.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 redefines the way you live; it understands the value of relationships; it believes in the importance of effortless experience, making your life easy and hassle-free; and, it empowers your life, and can even help you take care of your well-being. Nothing more to it really, just go and get yourself one![featuredvideo]