At Samsung’s European Regional Forum today, Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd, entered the premium audio dock market in Europe for the very first time. Samsung also announced its new range of Home Theatre Systems, Blu-ray players and Set-top boxes, providing richer, purer sounds while maintaining a sleek and stylish design that complements any room in the home.
Russell Owens, Head of AV Samsung UK said: “By integrating Samsung’s Vacuum Tube Amplifier technology into our 2012 flagship AV products, we can offer the highest quality of entertainment to consumers, which they can enjoy individually or with friends and family at home. This audio technology provides a warmth and depth and is the heartbeat of these products”
Smart Technologies Accompany Chic Designs in Samsung’s 2012 Blu-ray Line
Kicking off the new AV offerings for UK, Samsung’s 2012 flagship Smart Blu-ray and Set-top box products include the STB-E7900 and the BD-E8900 HDD Total Media Centre, featuring smarter technologies than ever before such as a full web browser, controllable with almost any USB mouse and keyboards, built-in Wi-Fi and access to Samsung’s Smart Hub and Samsung Apps. Furthermore, to provide seamless sharing via wireless devices, the 2012 Blu-ray and set-top boxes are DLNA certified and also support Wi-Fi Direct—which eliminates the need for a wireless access point while still enabling a direct connection between a device and the player.
Based on standard PVR basics, the BD-E8900 Total Media Centre is the ultimate entertainment solution—combining Samsung Smart Hub, a Blu-ray player and set-top box, enjoying content is easier than ever with the Samsung BD-E8900, as consumers have the ability to record 2 live broadcast channels simultaneously; while its Smart features allow consumers to watch all their contents from anywhere on a range of connected Galaxy devices, via SmartView.  Consumers can also schedule recordings when not at home through their Wi-Fi connected device, using the BD-E8900’s Remote Scheduler feature.  The BD-E8900 also exudes sophistication, featuring a two-tone design with a piano-black finish and a metal bottom.
Samsung has also expanded on its current Freeview Set-top box range with the addition of the STB-E7500 and E7900 models. These products are feature rich with Full web browser on the Smart Hub, the ability to record 2 channels at the same time, or record one and watch another as well as featuring Samsung’s new technology AllShare Play, allowing the consumer to stream content via the cloud service.  New for 2012, you can watch your recorded TV programmes on your Galaxy mobile devices with Dual view and remotely access your HDD from outside your home via the 3G network. If you have forgotten to record your favourite shows you can now remotely record via your mobile as well.

Premium Audio Dock Systems Deliver a New Flavour of Sound for the Home
Featuring Samsung’s exclusive hybrid technology, Samsung’s new Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier (model DA-E750) is the company’s first dual-docking system for the premium audiophile, and supports a broad range of Galaxy S and Apple devices including the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Player, iPhone, iPod and iPad via both docked and wireless connectivity. Combining superior sound quality with an elegant design, the DA-E750 exudes sophistication with its high gloss dark wood finish—to blend seamlessly into the décor of any home.  
Featuring a 2.1-channel speaker and built-in subwoofer with 100 watts of sound, the DA-E750 provides superior convenience and portability options, supporting wireless audio file playback via AllShare for Samsung Galaxy devices and Airplay for Apple devices or through Bluetooth® enabled devices.  Also, analogue (composite) input and a USB port to play audio files directly from a thumb drive, music player or portable hard drive—MP3, WMA and WAV file formats are supported.
Also new this year is the stylish DA-E650, which is the superb combination of harmonised design, functionality and connectivity—delivering a crystal clear audio experience with dual-docking abilities to connect to both Galaxy S smartphones, as well as Apple iOS devices—while simultaneously charging the batteries of each device.  Sporting a unique, modern horn-shape with a rose black finish, the DA-E650 exudes power with built-in speakers that collectively output 40 watts, in addition to an integrated subwoofer that enhances the bass response. The DA-E650 includes an auxiliary input and support for Bluetooth-enabled devices and audio support for MP3, WMA and WAV files from portable storage devices connected via USB.  
Home Entertainment System Delivers Movie Theatre-Quality Entertainment to the Home
Samsung’s proprietary Vacuum Tube Amplifier technology is also new in 2012 to the HT-E6750W, Samsung’s flagship 7.1 Channel Blu-ray 3D Home Entertainment System. Through the combination of its vacuum tube amplifier technology and its glass fibre speakers, the Samsung HT-E6750W is able to deliver impeccable high-definition audio and Samsung’s 3D Sound Plus, with a harmonised, more natural, richer sound. Crystal Amp Plus technology—provides the extra power on the system for clear and crisp sound. In addition a dual unit subwoofer is used to produce clearer bass tones.
Contributing to the sleek and clean design of the HT-E6750W are its compact tower speakers; innovative Swivel Speakers on the tower provide immersive vertical sound experiences by turning upward to vertically cascade the sound down on the listener, and the wireless rear satellite speakers eliminate extra wires to offer more flexibility to users. The sleek appearance is enhanced by Samsung’s vacuum tubes which are visible on the top and side of the system—and add additional style by illuminating when in use.
Featuring built-in Wi-Fi, the HT-E6750W provides access to web-connected entertainment via a full web browser, in addition to signature services from Samsung’s Smart Hub, AllShare Play support and hundreds of apps including BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm, Acetrax, Netflix and Facebook.  The home theatre system also supports Bluetooth-enabled devices and includes an iPhone/iPod docking cradle, providing easy access to listen to music stored on mobile devices.
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