Samsung Olympic Games pledge

Join Samsung in their quest to complete the 1924 Olympic Games Pledge, which was made 88 years ago by mountaineer Lt Col Strutt. He and his fellow team received 21 gold medals for famously attempting to climb Mount Everest, and he pledged that he would take one of the gold medals back to the summit. This pledge is yet to be fulfilled. With your help, Samsung hopes to not only honour this pledge but also find the missing medals from 1924.

British mountaineer Kenton Cool is one of Britain’s leading alpine climbers. He has successfully climbed Mount Everest nine times and was recently credited with making the world’s first 3G connected phone call from the summit of Mount Everest using the Samsung Galaxy SII.

"Arthur Wakefield’s Olympic Medal is waiting for you in Toronto wrapped in a flame red silk handkerchief." Charles Wakefield. Photography by Vitty Robinson

  This year Kenton is helping Samsung in their quest to fulfill the 1924 Olympic Games Pledge and will be taking a gold medal to the summit of Mount Everest. Despite frustrating weather conditions, Kenton and the team have now progressed to Camp 3 and are setting up base on the Lhotse Face. You can check out the videos, photos, and comments uploaded while on route here.