Sigg – Man’s Best Friend

Tackling highly uneven and punishing terrain? Buy the best equipment and a SIGG….. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast then you are going to want the best equipment available to take you through your outdoor adventure.  Design, construction and durability all need to be of the utmost quality and withstand the rate of play you expect to achieve. 

This applies wholeheartedly to the humble water carrier, an essential item to be kitted out with. Lightweight is of paramount importance, especially when covering punishing terrain at altitude, when a few litres of water are required to last a full day.  

Lightweight plastic bottles are popular choices, but it’s the swiss made SIGG Bottles, said to be the world’s toughest water bottle, that make it to be the discerning enthusiasts’ number one choice. 

Seamlessly shaped from a single piece of pure aluminium, SIGG have an unbreakable design and are completely leak-proof. Their robust design is strong enough to survive being dropped on rocky pathways.  Their versatility allows its user to alter their drinking style by interchanging various tops to suit the activity being challenged –  screw tops, sports tops, wide mouth tops are all part of the enviable integrated accessories available to purchase from

NEW TO THE SIGG RANGE  Wide Mouth Traveller Bottles 1.5 litre £19.50 each

Traveller Bottles – 1.0 litre £16 each

The longevity of the bottles is a major part of its feature, the tough exterior of the bottle is mirrored in quality by the unique robustness of its flexible EcoCare Liner. Completely BPA and phthalate free, the liner ensures the contents of the bottle remain neutral to taste with no residue and no matter what punishment the bottle is put through, there is no likelihood of impairment of usability due to dents and other signs of wear and tear. 

Completely sustainable, SIGG Bottles will far out live any of the plastic bottles and are far more ecological than single use PET water bottles.  

A little bit of care and maintenance using SIGG’s Bottle brush and tablets, another enviable accessory range from, and you should see your SIGG last between 10 and 20 years.