Singular Design Ethos Informs Nike’s Winter Competition Gear

Nike created apparel and footwear to cover a range of conditions and activities for athletes competing in sport’s top winter contest this year. An overarching design philosophy guides the gear: Keep athletes comfortable and help them get in the zone for competition.

For the national hockey teams of the United States, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia, the goal was to make the jersey as light as possible to eliminate distractions allow players to focus on the game at hand. 

“We designed the hockey jerseys with the best technologies and Nike innovations to make them lighter than ever before, more durable and to fit better than ever,” says Senior Creative Category Director Ken Black. “We wanted each jersey to reflect the best of the past in the sport of hockey, with a modern twist through applications and graphics.”


When it comes to high-stakes half pipe and freestyle high up in the Caucasus, athletes need warmth without bulk—and an extra shot of confidence doesn’t hurt either. The Nike SB Winter Competition Kit is a head-to-toe system of layers to provide snowboard and ski athletes with a custom combination of warmth and breathability.

“We focused on creating an apparel system that feels very true to the sport and authentic to athletes, yet still delivers the right performance attributes. Anything else would be distracting,” says Senior Concept Designer Michelle Miller.


As for the all-black aesthetic, Miller says the intent was two-fold: to amplify the volt Nike LunarENDOR Quickstrike boot, and to create a bold uniform to give athletes a psychological boost as they compete on the world’s biggest sports stage.

The emphasis on performance doesn’t end when athletes reach the podium; each element of the Medal Stand uniform was crafted to deliver insulation and ventilation in a stylish, athletic package.

“Our USA Medal Stand uniform carries that great combination of performance and personality. The design process started with looking at the athlete’s journey and designing products that reflect the significance of that moment,” Black says. “The jacket is made of Nike Aeroloft technology, which provides superior warmth without overheating. And it carries hidden details inside the jacket that only the athletes wearing it can see.”