Skins Series 6 – A Complete Insight into the brand new season

The Skins gang return in style, burning their way through a holiday in Morocco. But what begins as a hedonistic fortnight before their return to college turns into a living hell. By the time they return to Bristol everything has changed. Friendships fall apart whilst complicated and toxic relationships begin. And there are strangers in the mix who could either save or destroy them…

Franky (Dakota Blue Richards) goes through a sexual awakening that unleashes a wild and unpredictable side to her. In Franky’s wake trails Matty (Sebastian De Souza), deeply in love and about to get himself into even deeper trouble. Meanwhile Nick (Sean Teale) slowly begins to realise just what his brother sees in Franky.

Grace (Jessica Sula) and Rich (Alexander Arnold) are closer than ever, but the future holds something unexpected in store for them. Alo (Will Merrick) is no longer a virgin and the world is his oyster. But his refusal to grow up causes big problems for him and those who love him, forcing Alo to step up and fulfil his potential.

The boundaries of Liv (Laya Lewis) and Mini’s (Freya Mavor) friendship are tested to the limit as they struggle to deal with life-changing events. Mini carries a secret and finds out what it’s like to grow up too quickly, while LIV gravitates towards new boy Alex (Sam Jackson) who crash lands into our gang’s world at just the right time. Alex doesn’t know it yet, but this strange, observant and independent boy will learn the value of friendship while binding this group of friends together as theworld drags them kicking and screaming into adulthood.

“Series six looks to be the most exciting and adventurous Skins run ever. The young writing team have taken the characters they established last year on incredible journeys of self-discovery. Just before their final year at Roundview begins, they go on holiday together and their lives are turned upside down. Set and shot in Morocco the cast and crew have excelled themselves with an extraordinary first episode that includes sun, sex, swimming pools, beach parties and a shocking and devastating car crash. What follows is nine more episodes of the brilliantly written, brilliantly performed fall out.” – John Griffin, Executive Producer.

‘Skins six is set to be another explosive and richly dramatic series of Skins, continuing the show’s strong tradition of going where others daren’t.” – Ben Stoll, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4.

Series six features guest appearances from Chris Addison as Professor Blood, Giles Thomas as Doug, John Sessions as Geoff, Clare Grogan as Shelly, Dan Black as Rider and Josie Long as Josie, alongside new guest artists Fenella Fielding, Liza Tarbuck, Isy Suttie, Sarah Solemani, Karl Theobald, Dawn Porter and Joe Cole as Luke.

[pullquote_right]Series six is written by a unique team of young British writers and teen contributors. The new series is produced by Toby Welch and Neil Duncan and executive produced by John Griffin, Charlie Pattinson, George Faber with series co-creator Bryan Elsley. Series directors are Jack Clough, Sam Donovan, Ian Barnes and Ben Caron. Skins is made by Company Pictures for E4.[/pullquote_right]

2/10: Rich, Monday 30th January, 10PM, E4

Professor David Blood has banned Rich from visiting Grace in hospital and it’s killing him. Alo tries to keep Rich out of trouble with band practice, but Rich is committed to his love. He stands outside the hospital, waiting. Then one day his phone rings – it’s Grace. She’s woken up and needs to see him.

Rich finds a way past security and breaks into Grace’s room. The lovers are reunited, but they have a problem – Blood is moving Grace to another hospital in Zurich. Grace doesn’t want to be separated from Rich ever again. Rich promises he won’t let that happen. Then Blood discovers Rich and has him thrown out.

The next day, Rich goes to Grace’s house to appeal to Professor Blood. When he gets there, he discovers that the Bloods have already gone. Rich moves into the house, sleeping in Grace’s bed and sifting through old home movies of her growing up.

Days later, Alo tracks Rich down and pledges to help his best mate. But Alo has other things on his mind. Soon, cracks begin to develop in the boys’ friendship and it falls to Liv to bring the fractured group together and bring Grace back where she belongs.

1/10: Everyone, Monday 23rd January, 10PM, E4

E4’s award-winning drama burns into a sixth series. The gang are on holiday in Morocco. The villa may be half finished, in the middle of nowhere and without running water, but they’ve found a load of weed under the floorboards so they don’t care. That night Alo’s party-tracking skills are put to use and they join the party at a flash nearby villa owned by Luke. It’s an amazing party with the best music, drink and drugs flowing. Franky, unhappy in her relationship with Matty, finds herself drawn to Luke. The following day, Luke and his mate Jake pay the gang a visit. They’re in Morocco on business, and have been stashing their weed in the gang’s villa. Luke forgives the gang for smoking it, but tells them he needs the rest back and invites them to a beach party.While everyone parties away on the beach, Luke and Jake make their move. Matty and Franky are drawn into a situation beyond their control which will have repercussions for all of them…


Skins Series Six, Episode 1 Synopsis

The gang are on a summer holiday in Morocco. The villa may be half finished, in the middle of nowhere and without running water, but they’ve found a load of weed under the floorboards so they don’t care.

Matty and Franky turn up – they’ve spent the summer shagging their way around North Africa but the honeymoon period is definitely over. Franky’s had enough and Matty can’t understand why. They arrive at the villa mid-argument, instantly changing the atmosphere.

That night, they hear music pounding nearby. Using Alo’s party-tracking skills, they find the source – a flash villa owned by Luke (Joe Cole), a charismatic wide boy. He invites them to join the party, largely because he’s taken an interest in Franky. The party is amazing – the best music, drink and drugs the gang could hope for. But there’s trouble on the horizon…

The following day, Luke and his friend Jake (James Burrows) pay the gang a visit. They’re in Morocco on business, and have been stashing their weed in the gang’s villa. Luke forgives the gang for smoking it, but tells them he needs the rest back and invites them to a beach party.

While everyone parties away on the beach, Luke appeals to Franky to run away with him right there and then. He offers escape and excitement with no strings attached. Franky, still dealing with a sulky Matty, can’t turn him down.

Meanwhile, Jake blackmails Matty into carrying their drugs across the border, or Luke will take Franky away from him. Matty tries to stand up to Jake but is swiftly beaten up. Matty sees Luke and Franky drive off.

Liv is warned by a local boy that Luke is dangerous and there’s no question, the gang have to get their friend back. They head in pursuit as they desperately try to keep up with Luke and Franky…


Skins Series Six, The Cast:

FRANKY || Played by Dakota Blue Richards

“This series we see the characters in a much more raw, open and honest way. You see how they all have to deal with difficult circumstances and it’s a real test of their friendship to see how they’re going to deal with them and whether they’re going to stick together, who’s going to stay and who is going to have to leave and it really challenges everything that we’ve seen so far. Franky is finding herself and learning it’s OK to look after yourself, to dress differently and also OK to want to spend time with others. I think she learns that she doesn’t need to commit necessarily to something that’s going to last forever but what she needs is to make herself happy, and that will help her deal with the extreme elements of this series.” 

ALO || Played by Will Merrick

“Alo’s big task and what he’s needed to do right from the beginning is grow up. He was set up at the end of the last series as a leader of the group, he should be keeping everyone together, he’s the enthusiastic and positive one. But at the beginning of this series he’s just not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that he faces. He tries to pull people out of their problems, he tries to help Rich and Mini but goes about it the wrong way. He just doesn’t have enough life experience to get these things right, so I really feel that this series is about Alo needing to grow up, and not really understanding that till the last minute, and when he does finally grow up it’s a little bit too late.”

MINI || Played by Freya Mavor

“We last saw Mini having broken up with Nick and trying to find who she is and who and what she is interested in, she’s learnt more about herself and feels comfortable in her own skin. She has to deal with new issues which she’s never ever had to face before. She has one big problem in particular, and it becomes another thing she’s in denial about, she refuses to accept reality. She’s still got her really strong friends, the girls, she’s less of a bitch and she’s come more into the group. She’s more accepting of Rich, Alo, Nick and Matty this series, and we see her find an unexpected object of affection.

NICK || Played by Sean Teale

“Nick has had a heavy summer, rugby is out of the question as his fitness is in doubt and he starts partying hard; a little too hard, I think. He’s a lot more integrated with the group this series, he’s a lot friendlier with them, they’ve warmed to him and they get to see his good side. His relationship with Mini is obviously one he’s lost but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing for him, he gets entangled in a love relationship, a forbidden love relationship that he really shouldn’t be in, but Nick being Nick he finds himself in a situation that he doesn’t know how to handle without meaning to hurt anyone.”

GRACE || Played by Jessica Sula

“Grace in series six is an extremely free spirit, before she was free spirit in mind but now she actually is, she’s more free, she goes out with the gang and she feels a bit more like a woman, she’s grown up. Grace and Rich have grown together as a couple too, they’ve got to that stage when it’s settled and they’re so comfortable with each other but I don’t know whether it’s a bit too comfortable for Grace and she needs a change, maybe a bit of excitement.”

RICH || Played by Alexander Arnold

“There’s quite a transformation in Rich, both physically and in his mind. In this series something happens to him which consequently affects the way other people in the group think about him and look at him. You can see a bit more maturity in Rich, even in the first episode you can tell that his views and outlook have differed from last year. He becomes much more accepting. “

LIV || Played by Laya Lewis

“Liv is still very much Liv this series, although she is more independent, she’s a lot more fun, she’s not always in Mini’s shadow and has found a new friendship in Alex. Her relationship with Matty is done and dusted, and I don’t think she’s bitter about it. Over the summer she’s really grown up about it and has just let it go. She spent last series chasing after him and I’m pretty sure this series she just wants to stand on her own two feet really, have fun and just be on her own.”

MATTY || Played by Sebastian De Souza

“The best way to describe him is as a three dimensional personality as opposed to a two dimensional personality which I think he was last series, in that he used to be very mysterious, very elusive, he used to stand in corners and just watch. I think what’s come away from him is the veneer and the defence mechanisms he used to utilise through a number of incredibly tragic, and for him revelatory events, and he becomes an entirely different person. I think he becomes a feeling human personality.”

ALEX || Played by Sam Jackson

“Alex is at first very mysterious, I think he comes across as quite elusive and you’re not really sure what he’s all about. He’s very charismatic and confident in himself and is very flirty, he flirts with both genders, and doesn’t care. He comes into the series at a point where the gang are a bit down, they’re very unhappy and he finds it difficult to make friends with the gang, they don’t really like accepting someone new but he manages to befriend Liv who takes a shine to him and you see their friendship develop and eventually he gets into the gang, bringing them some much needed excitement and energy.”

“I’m the new boy so meeting the gang at first was a bit nerve-racking, I felt a lot of pressure joining because I watched the last series so seeing all the guys on screen and then meeting them and actually joining them, then working with them was a bit scary. But the guys are brilliant and have really looked after me.”


Skins Series Six, The Writers:

Daniel Lovett || Writer- ‘Rich’

Daniel Lovett was first introduced to Skins by winning the E4 ‘Skins Needs You’ competition for young writers and consequently writing the short film ‘Brink’. He joined the Skins Writers group as a young contributor at the beginning of series four, writing two of the ‘Unseen Skins’ shorts for the series before going on to write ‘Alo’ for series five.

Jack Lothian || Writer – ‘Alex’

Jack Lothian is a film and television writer. His television credits range from Ashes to Ashes, Doc Martin and Outcasts to the new E4 drama ‘Beaver Falls’ and ‘Teachers’, which gained him nominations for Best Writer at the BAFTAs and Best Young Writer at the Broadcast Awards.

He is currently the lead writer on Sky1 HD’s upcoming drama ‘Sinbad’. This is his first year on Skins. Jack was nominated for a Best Newcomer BAFTA for his first feature film, Late Night Shopping, which won the CICAE Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

Jess Brittain || Writer – ‘Mini’ & ‘Mini & Franky’

Jess has Skins blood running through her veins as her father Bryan Elsley and brother Jamie Brittain are both creators of Skins. Jess joined the Skins writers’ room this year. Before this she wrote the Skins tie-in novel ‘Skins: Summer Holiday’.

Sean Buckley || Writer – ‘Franky’

Born in London, Sean studied drama at Ecole Jaques Lecoq in Paris. Sean’s first play, ‘Matches for Monkeys’ was joint winner of the Verity Bargate Award and other plays include ‘Stone Baby’ for Radio 3’s The Wire and ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ for ‘Paines Plough’.

Sean was 2007 Pearson Writer-in-Residence with The Royal Shakespeare Company. His first screenplay was the one-off drama ‘Foreign John’ for Channel 4’s Coming Up strand. This is his third year writing for Skins after previously writing ‘Freddie’ for series four and ‘Franky’ plus the series finale ‘Everyone’ for series five.

Geoff Bussetil || Writer – ‘Nick’

Geoff Bussetil joined the Skins Writers Group last year writing ‘Nick’ for series five. Last year he wrote Half Term, a short film for Channel 4’s Coming Up strand. Before writing full-time Geoff worked in script development for the BBC and various independent production companies. He has also written features for Peapie and Working Title films that are currently in development.

Laura Hunter || Writer – ‘Alo’

Laura Hunter joined the Skins Writers group in 2010 as a junior writer/contributor, after sending in an original spec script to the show. During series five she wrote many of the online blogs and profiles for the series. Since then she has gone on to write ‘Alo’ for series 6, as well as co-writing episode 1 of the online platforms for this series.

Georgia Lester || Writer- ‘Everyone’ (Finale)

Georgia Lester joined the Skins Writers Group in series two. She co-wrote ‘Pandora’ for series three, ‘Katie’ for series four and ‘Mini’ for series five. She has also written an Unseen Skins online special for series two. She has also worked on the writing team for Channel 4’s ‘Hollyoaks’.

Georgia was part of Hampstead Theatre’s Youth Theatre and has been involved in various new writing initiatives there, including Daring Pairings New Writing Festival. She has also recently completed the Royal Court Young Writers Programme.


Skins Series Six, The Producers:

Toby Welch || Producer

Toby Welch worked as a runner and as an assistant to creator Bryan Elsley on Skins series 2, before producing all cross platform content for Skins series 3 and 4 and by series 5 progressing to Assistant Producer. Series 6 is Welch’s first year as producer.

Neil Duncan || Producer

Neil studied at Glasgow and Robert Gordon University. He joined the BBC as an archive researcher before moving into production as a researcher. In 2003 he joined River City as a trainee script editor and then series script editor. He subsequently worked on ‘EastEnders’ between 2005 and 2007, producing a week of EastEnders before his departure (Martin and Sonia’s exit story). Other credits include ‘The Bill’ and series 5 of ‘New Tricks’. He joined Skins in 2008, script editing series 3 and 4 before taking on the script executive role for series 5.

John Griffin || Executive producer

Before becoming a successful writer and producer, John Griffin was an actor for nearly 20 years.

In 2001 he became a script editor working with Paul Abbott on his ITV drama ‘Alibi’, before joining Company Pictures as one of the original creative team on ‘Shameless’. On series two of ‘Shameless’, John wrote an episode as well as continuing to script edit. He then went on to produce the third series becoming series producer on series four and five. After producing series 4 of Skins, John is now Executive Producer for Series at Company Pictures.

Bryan Elsley || Co-creator / Executive Producer

Bryan spent most of his childhood in the Edinburgh satellite town of Dalkeith before going on to study English and History at York University. It was there he met a young student named Harry Enfield. The two of them shared a passion for taking the mickey and decided to form a comedy duo – which became known as Dusty and Dick. ‘Dusty and Dick’s Lucky Escape From The Germans’ proved a sell-out hit at the Edinburgh festival. After parting from Enfield, Elsley took up a career in theatrical direction before going on to write, first for the theatre then for television. His seminal short film ‘Govan Ghost Story’ paved the way for other writing jobs on British serials.

In 1996 he wrote the award-winning adaptation of Iain Banks’ ‘The Crow Road’ and two years later ‘The Young Person’s Guide to Becoming a Rock Star’. Since, Elsley has written several original series and films, including ‘40′ with Eddie Izzard, ‘Nature Boy’ and ‘Rose and Maloney’ with Sarah Lancashire.

Jamie Brittain || Co-Creator

After studying English Literature at King’s College London, Jamie began to collaborate with Bryan Elsley on the creation of Skins. As co-creator, Jamie has written episodes on series one to five.

Jack Clough || Director – Episodes 1 & 6

Jack started out as a production runner on commercials and music videos. With the proceeds he bought his first professional camera and editing software and began to make small films and animations.

For the ‘Skins Secret Party’, Jack asked if he could film a ‘Behind the Scenes’ style short film. As a result of its success, Jack was commissioned to direct, film and edit all the DVD Behind the Scenes Extras for Series two. Jack also filmed all of the mini-dramas (platforms) and titles for Series two.

Jack went on to direct the series three platforms, make the series three behind the scenes, and shooting the titles for series three and four. He has since progressed to the role of director, directing ‘Nick’ and ‘Alo’ for Skins series five.

Jack has also directed three episodes of E4’s drama ‘Beaver Falls’.

Sam Donovan || Director- Episodes 2 & 3

Sam began directing in 2007 with the Screen Yorkshire / UKFC digital short ‘King Ponce’. In 2008 he directed ‘Unite’, which was a regional winner and national finalist in the Orange 60 seconds of fame competition at BAFTA. His previous TV credits include the final 4 ever episodes of ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ for ITV2 and Showtime (USA).

In 2009 he directed Andrew Yerlett’s short film, ‘Hammerhead’, and the following year was selected for the prestigious Channel 4 Coming Up scheme, where he directed the ‘TV half hour Half Term’. After screening on C4 the film went on to play at selected festivals and also picked up the Press Critics Award at the Brest European Film Festival, France.

Ian Barnes || Director – Episodes 4, 5 & 9

Writer/director Ian Barnes entered the world of drama with his controversial short film ‘SWING’. Since then Ian has directed and produced a multitude of TV dramas and comedies and has twice been BAFTA nominated for his television work.

Among other accolades, his 2009 short film WISH143 was nominated for a 2011 Academy Award.

Ben Caron || Director – Episodes 7, 8 & 10

Ben Caron has been directing drama and commercials accumulating a number of awards and nominations including Campaign, the DD&D’s, BTA’s, and the Cannes Lions.

Ben gained early directorial prominence with ‘Derren Brown: The Heist’. It won multiple TV awards, including a BAFTA Nomination. Ben’s directorial style was stamped on the award winning video for JAY-Z and the BAFTA-award winning ITV1 game show ‘The Cube’. More recently he completed the ITV1 drama, ‘Scott and Bailey.’

Company Pictures

Company Pictures was established in 1998. Other television production highlights include: ‘Elizabeth I'(winner of 3 Golden Globes); all nine series of ‘Shameless’ (Channel 4: BAFTA and RTS Awards); seven series of ‘Wild at Heart’ (ITV); ‘George Gently’ (BBC1); ‘The Devil’s Whore’ (Channel 4); ‘Generation Kill’ (HBO); ‘Mansfield Park’; ‘The Palace’ (ITV1), ‘The Take’; ‘The Runaway’ (Sky1 HD) and ‘Beaver Falls’ (E4).

In the past Company Pictures has produced: ‘The Lakes’ by Jimmy McGovern; ‘A Young Person’s Guide to Being a Rockstar‘ (Channel 4 and Warner Bros: RTS award Best Serial); ‘North Square’ (Channel 4: winner Best Series Press Guild); ‘Not Only But Always…’ (Channel 4: BAFTA winner: Rhys Ifans Best Actor); ‘The Rotters’ Club’ (BBC); and ‘Life and Death of Peter Sellers’ (HBO: winner of two Golden Globe Awards for Best TV Movie and Best Actor for Geoffrey Rush and 15 Emmys).

Company has made five feature films with some of the UK’s leading directing talent including Roger Michell, Stephen Hopkins, Penny Woolcock, Shane Meadows and Lynne Ramsey.

Amongst its numerous awards Company Pictures won Best Independent Production Company at the 2005 and 2008 Broadcast Awards and the European Producers of the Year Award at the 2004 Monte Carlo Awards.

Since October 2004 Company Pictures has been a part of the All3 Media Group.


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