So, what on earth happened to Jodie Marsh?

We’ve all seen and heard of Jodie Marsh in some way shape or form, but have you seen her in this form?

Thats right the Marsh has hit the gym and come out all guns (and those guns are big for a lass) blazing with more muscles than a fish stall at your local market. She entered the Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am Bodybuilding Championships last month after apparently 8 months training and a size 6 body with 10 percent body fat. Some transformation huh? 

I remember the days of the blonde glam girl, barely covering her naughty parts, with every 13 year old boy looking for the nearest toilet to take their copy of FHM to “bang one out.” She was fit, but now, shes too musclier fit, if you get me. A girl with a 6 pack is sexy, but this look could be a little too far.

Now, celebs normally do a transformation from fat to fit, then bring out a fitness DVD. But will Marsh be bringing out a Body Building DVD for the ladies looking for a more musclier look? 

Mel B took a similar route a while back with her smaller physique, which looked pretty damn sweet. What do you think?

If you don’t know Jodie, heres a little info:

 Jodie Marsh is more famous for being a media personality and former glamour model. In January 2006 Jodie appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and was the first to be voted out of the Big Brother House. She has appeared in FHM, Nuts, Zoo, Loaded and Playboy.  [youtube id=”cpj-f0Ab2bc” width=”610″ height=”350″]