Sponsored Post: Denny’s Denny’s

Denny Hamlin absolutely tears up the NASCAR circuit season after season. His dream wasn’t always to drive cars ferociously around a circuit though, he always wanted to go to the next level with his love for America’s favorite family-style restaurant chain Denny’s, and build his own mobile Denny’s.

Hamlin grew up around Denny’s his whole life, so no wonder he loves them so much. He even lived right next to a Denny’s and had one next to his racetrack! There wasn’t a day that went by in his life without this American restaurant in his life.

So now, Denny’s Denny’s is no longer a dream, as he now has his very own custom made diner to take on the road this NASCAR season – what more could he ask for?

Watch the video below to meet Denny Hamlin and discover how his team fulfilled his dream – although watch out for Hamlin’s dart throwing skills, as they aren’t the best…

This video is all part of a hilarious web series that Denny’s are running at the moment to promote several different breakfast items on their menu.

Their current big push is for their infamous Grand Slam breakfast, which has some of our favorites such as eggs, bacon, pancakes and sausages.

You can’t beat over easy eggs (well, technically you can beat them – erm…), super-crispy bacon, soft pancakes and tasty sausages to kick-start your day.

The breakfast was originally introduced in 1977 and has evolved over the years, with hungry diners having the ability to even build their own Grand Slam!

This post is sponsored by Denny’s, however the opinions are of the author.