Sponsored Post: Lacoste – Life is a Beautiful Sport

Somehow, these fashion brands have the amazing ability to grip you to your seats for a short moment during an advert. Sometimes these adverts make no sense at all, and the perfume adverts are more mental than ever before. It'll be some random bloke walking on hot coals, or in a field, or on a mountain saying nothing but gibberish. These adverts are extremely gripping though, and always make you sit back for a moment and just watch. 

This is the exactly the case for the new Lacoste advertising campaign, directed by Seb Edwards. The new advert is just in time for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and New York Fashion Week, and boy is it a gripping experience.

The advert shows an epic story of a first kiss between a man and a woman in a cafe. This kiss is more important than it seems as the contrasting visual elements showcase strong feelings and emotions on a new level. This is one man, and a woman putting themselves on the line, and making it count. 

The Life is a beautiful sport campaign displays Lacoste's founding values of immaculate passion and tenacity. 

Want to watch how a real man kisses his lady? Then watch the video in the player below:

This post is sponsored by Lacoste, however the opinions are of the author.