Sponsored Post: ‘Rally the World’ With Volkswagen

Experience the thrill, excitement and passion of Volkswagen at the ‘Rally the World’ Championship 2013. Join in the adventure as the team at Volkswagen face one of the toughest challenges in the motoring world, apart from getting past the weather that is! 

Fancy yourself a rough and tough driver? Well see if you can put yourself into the frame of mind that the drivers have to steer themselves into. Embark on a thrill of a lifetime and join the adventure as racing and motor enthusiasts can join Volkswagen and place yourself in the driving seat as you can learn to drift like a pro in one of Volkswagen's sports models by taking part in the Rally the World game.

Pull yourself into the drivers seat, and witness the excitment and fast paced marvel that these professionals go through everytime they stick themselves inside the cockpit. Can you imagine the pure thrill and excitement when twisting, turning and experiencing the track at such speed? I for one certainly can't get my head around the pure bottle it must take each and every time these guys step into the car and take on the challenge. 

So anyway, watch the video here and experience the drifts and turns that will put you on the edge of your seat!  

This is a Sponsored Post, however the opinions are of the author.