Sponsored Post: Samsung Galaxy S4 available for pre-order

Choosing new phone is an absolute nightmare, unless you have an idea of the model you already want. In most cases, the Apple iPhone is pretty much a done deal for most people, as it does have a sleek, aesthetic and fashionable look. Yet if you’re like me, and prefer to shop around and find the best phone available on the market, with all the features and technical ability that you desire, then it’s always the best option to read articles such as this. To give you a better understanding of the product, and a little insight into what you’re potentially going to purchase.

Samsung have slowly but surely solidified their brand within the smartphone market. They have taken over the powerhouse that was Blackberry, and are catching up with the techno giants Apple. This is for the simple reason that the phones are excellent. Blackberries seemed to be everywhere at one point, joingin alondside the iPhone, but over the past year or so, with the launch of their diverse new smartphones, Samsung have driven forward and pushed themselves onto a new level of technology. To put it simply, the brand is good, the phones are reliable and look great too. 

Looking back to last summer, I needed an upgrdae. I had used a Blackberry for so long, and it was time to move forward onto something else. In my wicked ways I decided to stay with the Blackberry brand, as in all fairness, I didn’t experience any problems. Upgrading to one of the newest Blackberries I had that new excitement of opening the box to a shiny new handset. Oh how I was dissapointed. Within 3 days the handset was playing up, I had no end of trouble getting the darn thing to actually work. So, back it went. Now it was at this point where I realised that I actually had no clue as to the new phones available. Obviously the Apple iPhone was a question mark, and a potential upgrade, yet the deals that came with the phone at the time where so unrealistic that it just wasn’t worth spending the extra cash. How did I move onto a Samsung you say? Well, if I am honest, purely by chance. With no knowledge of the phones and previous experience, I simple asked one of the phone salesmen what the best phone would be with my criteria. Within 5 mins I had upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S2. To this day, I have had no trouble with the phone. The battery life is great, the phone is super responsive, and it looks great. Having this knowledge in mind, it’s no wonder that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 started to wink in my direction. 

Having already recieved some epic reviews, and alot of hype built up around this new dimension in smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is dead-set on taking 2013 by the horns and tearing up the market. Seeing this hype and buzz, Carphone Warehouse, the largest mobile retailer in the UK have taken it in their own horns by making the phone available  to pre-order from Thursday 28th March. With so many deals around, Carphone Warehouse aim to please by offering pay monthly contracts with accessory bundles (in- car charger, screen protector and Samsung Galaxy S4 case) worth £79.96 if you pre-order online before the official release date of 26th April. 

It’s going to be a busy one for the stores as they have planned to extend the store’s opening hours at larger sites as a means of dealing with high volumes of customer demand for this product. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to explode onto the scene this year and is set in stone to be an excellent handset. So get your pre-order on now! http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/samsung-galaxy-s4


Samsung Galaxy S4 Review