Sponsored Post: Starbucks introduces ‘Starbucks Origin Espresso’

Starbucks has announced that it will be the first UK coffeehouse chain to offer customers a choice of two different espressos, named ‘Starbucks Origin Espresso.’ 

Latte, the nation’s favourite coffee can now be enjoyed with either Starbucks Espresso Roast or Starbucks Origin Espresso. The first one to be launched is called the Guatemala Antigua, watch the video below to find out some more information:

Quality control seems to be the heaviest influence with this new range of Starbucks coffee. The coffee pickers make sure that they are choosing the highest quality coffee cherries before they over-ripen. The strategic process of a horn blowing on the farm of Santa Clara (Guatemala), calling for the coffee pickers to help with the crop, making sure the cherries are taken at the perfect time. 

The volcanic conditions on which this special coffee is grown, is crowned as mineral-rich, volcanic soil, ideal for growing great-tasting coffee. The flavour profile consisted of nuts, cocoa and soft spice, resulting in a coffee taste like no other. 

The growing trend amongst UK coffee consumers looking to explore new flavours is the kick-starter for Starbucks Origin Espresso to launch. Over time the expansion of these new flavours is a win-win situation for companies like Starbucks. The consumers are looking for it, and Starbucks has responded to the demand. 

This new launch is backed by a multi-million pound advertising and promotional campaign inviting customers to try the new Starbucks Origin Espresso at no charge.

A new adventure begins with the Guatemala Antigua, are you ready for the taste?