Sponsored Post: The Impossible Sleep Expedition

Sleep can be a funny thing. Some nights you can just drift off into a deep snooze without even trying. Some people can nap, and others, just like myself, find it impossible to switch off most nights.

You try all sorts of breathing techniques, yoga, eating different foods, drinking certain drinks before bed, and cutting down the caffeine. But most of the time, it just doesn't work.

Now these sleeping conditions for the average Joe involves a nice cozy bed, a warm room and in most cases a roof over your head (depending on how the previous night out activities went).

So what happens when you send a dude with some crazy hair, and a masterful beard onto Devil’s Mountain in the heart of the Amazonian jungle to go for a night's sleep?

Well Ibis did just that, they sent adventurer Aaron Chervenak to demonstrate the absolute comfort guaranteed by the new Ibis Sweet BedTM.

This was a genuine test to see if it's possible to sleep where no one has ever dared to sleep before.

Check out the amazing video below to find out how it went:

ibis - expedition


This new campaign has been set up by Sweet BedTM – a bed that is like no other, and one that guarantees an amazing nights sleep. 

Ibis currently dominate 58 countries with 1,000 hotels and promise to their customers that “now, the best place to sleep is everywhere!

So next time you need to catch up on your sleep, take a trip to Ibis.

This is a Sponsored Post, however the opinions are of the author.