Sponsored Post: Watch: Heineken – The Candidate


Every interview seems to be the same, in some way or another. The questions are pretty much the same for each candidate, and the responses are cemented into our minds and we are told to say and do certain things to gain a better advantage over other interviewees. So what happens when the game is changed? 

The idea is to find the right candidate for the job role that is being advertised. Usually you hand your CV in, fill out an application form (sometimes it takes absolutely forever to fill these things in, when all of the information is on your CV anyway) and then wait for a response. If you get through the application process to actually receive a worthwhile interview with the company, you’re normally on the first stepping stones to getting a new job.

This time though, the 1,734 applicants applying to become a part of Heineken‘s Event & Sponsorship department, had to open their minds and use their initiative in a totally unexpected way in this particular job interview. There is no way you could predict what actually happened in these interviews, I mean, what would you do if your potential new boss decides that it’s perfectly acceptable to hold your hand whilst walking into his office, or suddenly collapse during the interview? There is no way to know how you would react, and Heineken new this approach would work, and work brilliantly on camera. Watch the video below to see the process on which Heineken decided to recruit its staff:

The post is sponsored by Heineken, however the opinions are of the author.