Sponsored: The Renault Kadjar

After the success of Renault’s compact urban crossover, the Captur, they went back to the drawing board and created an even bigger, more stylish version to cater for the audience of many people wanting an innovative new crossover that took into account all weathers and all environments, excelling in comfort, style, luxury, driving quality and safety with all-wheel drive capability.

This new model is called the Kadjar, which has two meanings behind the name when blended together, it does make a lot of sense, although getting your head around it at first is tricky. ‘Kadjar’ is an amalgamation of two words and meanings. The first part ‘kad’, is inspired by the word ‘quad’, a casual term for something driven by four wheels or legs, on which the French pronunciation of the letters qu, is “k”. Thus ‘quad’, when pronounced in the French tongue, becomes “kad”. The second part is in reference to a French word ‘jaillir’, that means to emerge quickly. Thus, the thought behind the combination of the words, brings up the vision of something driven by four wheels and is agile.

Sponsored: The All-New Renault Kadjar

A hybrid vehicle, with a wide range of models is sure to tantalise the tastebuds of any motor enthusiast, especially now that one car in every five sold in the world today is a crossover. The Renault Kadjar is available now in the UK, and you can choose from three engines, two gearboxes, four trim levels and two-or four-wheel drive. You can literally pimp your own ride.

With this new model, Renault wanted to take their design game to a new level, and took on a new approach by asking its global network of design centres to submit their ideas to create essentially three cars, all-in-one. The Kadjar is said to be a mixture of an SUV with its all-wheel-drive system, an estate with the boot-mounted One-Touch easy folding rear seat system, as well as a saloon with fantastic interior design coupled with hands-free parking features. And that’s just a quick summary of features hidden within this work of art.

Sponsored: The All-New Renault Kadjar

Efficiency is key, and everyone wants to get the most out of their new vehicle. Renault knows this, and with the three engines, two gearboxes and two drive systems that offer fuel economy of up to a massive 74.3mpg on the combined cycle, and CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km.

For those of you still playing the speed card, rather than safety, you can get your 62mph in as little as 9.9 seconds, and reach a top speed of 119 mph – which is not recommended unless you’re on a track obviously. This does depend on which model and customisation you choose.

In collaboration with the release of the Kadjar and its outdoor/adventure mentality, Renault has released a new promotional video featuring Olympic gold medal rower, and new mum of two boys Anna Watkins.

Anna Watkins Rower Renault Kadjar

In this interview, Anna talks about how rowing fit into her new life now that she has two children that are her number one priority, above everything else. She provides advice on how to become a great rower, and what a typical day starts out as a proud athlete and mother. Her message that as a family you should be getting outdoors more, getting fit and tackling new adventures is simple, and inspiring.

Watkins has many competitions under her belt, the most notable of which was her gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics. She continues to train hard, and have fun with her family on a daily basis. You can watch the video in the player below:

The Renault Kadjar starts at £18,495 via the official Renault website which includes the standard four year warranty and assistance package that you get with all Renault cars. To find out more information, either click through on the video, or go to the website here.

This post is sponsored by Renault, however the opinions are of the author.