Sponsored Video: Battlefield 4 – Official Second Assault Trailer

First-person shooters have come along way over the years. Remember the days, hours, weeks we would spend playing on DOOM, shooting up some random pixelated goblin with what looked like a silver piece of lego firing blobs of lava.

The graphics have improved, the gameplay, the length and the in-depth worlds on which you can lose yourself have become so impressive today that we sometimes forget that we are actually playing a computer game.

Not only do we lose ourselves, but we get completely lost in the stories and the characters involved. One evolution of interactive gameplay has been the multiplayer aspect of a game. The exciting nature of being able to play your favourite shoot-em-up with your mates, and a whole heap of avid gamers from around the globe.

Battlefield 4 multiplayer lets you drop your day-to-day troubles, and immerse you into an all-out war zone. It’s complete chaos, but you are in full control. The new series of epic game movements are made possible by the power of Frostbite 3.

Battlefield 4 is an all-out onslaught of gaming mayhem. The action blockbuster can be described as genre defying, and contains amazing elements of gameplay such as dynamic destructible environments, epic vehicular combat and the freedom to take your gaming to the next level within a first-person shooter environment. Buckle up your seat and pop on your bulletproof vest to take in the Battlefield 4 Official Second Assault Trailer below:

You can pick this game up now for XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and the next-generation consoles.


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