Sponsored Video: Beat the online bullies with V-Energy

The internet can be a scary place, somewhat daunting for many, and sometimes it can become overwhelming. It can be dark, dingy and lead to some terrible tales of bullying or scaremongering. However this can be changed. We all need to work together to use the Internet as it is intended, not for the bad things that appear online. This is where V-Energy comes into play…

V-Energy are on the hunt to find those scary places on the internet, to bring the love back to the internet and build upon the foundations of positivity by creating  an online troll rehabilitation clinic. They provide a step-by-step treatment service to diagnose and treat all kinds of different online trolling.

The positivity must be spread, and people do need help with these situations. To promote this positive energy, and make people aware of a world that many are scared to talk about, or even mention, V-Energy have placed a video dramatizing the world where online trollers do their dirty work. Real life references are shown within the ad, and cover all kinds of platforms including online gaming, and social networking sites. Watch the video below to find out more:

These trolls need to be disbanded, and you can help by spreading the word about this video and the new online rehabilitation clinic. Get on the hunt, and help us promote positivty around the internet and make the online-world a less scary place for us all!

This post is sponsored by V-Energy Drink, however the opinions are of the author.