Sponsored Video: Can you draw Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph on a smart phone like Bill Schwab?

We all know what you’re thinking – why is this guy telling us to draw on a smart phone? Why are we not just using a pen and paper? We have gone so far forward in technology, that we are back where we started.

Drawings where so simple before with quite simply, a piece of paper, and a pencil. Maybe even a rubber if you’re feeling sketchy. For those of you asking that question, then look forward past the essence of it being a full-flip rotation of the trends, and look ahead to the next generation of mobile usability and creativity.

The old-school scribblers out there may have already moved onto tablets and digitalised versions of a bit of sketch paper. For those of you that haven’t, it’s definitely worth a play around with. You can spend hours on a sketch, to then completely mess a whole section up. OK so rubbing it out may work, but the paper isn’t going to retain its quality and crisp sheen. That’s where the digitalised version comes in. The new Samsung GALAXY Note II is more than capable of handling hours of drawing fun, even if you do mess up!

Never put stylo to screen? Fear not, as Bill Schwab, character designer for Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph, smashes out his skills on his Samsung GALAXY Note II in this video tutorial. He shows the powerful expression tools, and all the fancy bits in between to draw Ralph and other Wreck-it Ralph characters. Watch the video below:

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You can get the lowdown on the characters, play some games and videos and learn more about the GALAXY Note II.

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