Sponsored video: Chevrolet Volt VS Zombies

As part of the MOFILM Barcelona film competition, film-makers were given the task of creating a short film to promote the new Chevrolet Volt. And what did they come up with? Well, some zombies chasing two dudes (one with some amazingly long hair) down a highway. How did they get to that you may wonder, but what the film does show you is the new Chevrolet Volt is a great get away car when there is an zombie attack (oh yeah, it will happen, definitely).

The idea is to promote the  Chevrolet Volt‘s extended-range cap of more than 500 kilimetres and to take away the fear that alot of people have with electric cars. So this chick rocking up in the middle of the desert to pick up two very dirty young men in her shiny new Chevrolet Volt definitely doesn’t suffer from “Range Anxiety.”

For those environmentally friendly readers out there will be pleased to know that the new Chevrolet Volt emits zero CO2, which means it’s darn friendly on the clouds and our never-ending global warming threats. Fully charged, this bad boy Volt can reach around the 370+ miles mark, which you will obviously need when you’re a chick driving in the middle of nowhere, with a potential apocalypse on the cards. Whoever valets her car is bloody awesome too, to keep that shiny, clean fresh look even in a dusty decrepit place like that.

Hats off to the film maker for this one, it’s a nice approach to an advert for an eco-friendly electro car.

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  • maarten

    what is the song / band used in this advertisement video?