Sponsored video: ‘Fact Checkers Unit’ investigate Actor James Franco

You may have seen American actor James Franco cutting his limbs off in 127 Hours, but did you know he was pregnant? We didn’t either, but now the the award winning Fact Checkers Unit (FCU) are back, once again, investigating the craziest celebrity facts. 

The Samsung Fact Checkers Dylan (Brain Sacca) and Russell (Peter Karinen), were sent in to investigate this outrageous claim after spotting a photograph in a celebrity magazine, in which Franco appears to be pregnant. Who knew men could get pregnant nowadays huh?

Little did they know that the award winning actor is in fact a shape shifter, with the ability to transform into, well, pretty much anything and anyone. Even a tree? This episode he shape shifts into Oscar Nominated actor Seymour Cassel, goliath actor Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister and “Terra Nova” star Allison Miller.

James Franco looking all pregnant and stuff

James Franco‘s plan to take over the world lead the Samsung Fact Checkers on a wild goose chase. However to help them out they use the Galaxy Note’s Premium Suite. The Premium Suite software package includes advanced note-taking applications and enhanced productivity tools, all of which help the Samsung Fact Checkers track down the shape shifting James Franco.

Cameos so far for the hit web series have been celebrities like Jon Heder, Karolina Kurkova, Luke Perry, Donald Faison, Alex Trebek, T-Pain, Moby, Run DMC, and Mary-Lynn Rajskub. The full series including Seasons 1 and 2 has recently been licensed by Hulu, you can view it here.

You can find out more about Samsung, the Galaxy Note 5.3, and The Premium Suite software upgrade by visiting Samsung’s Facebook page, or by following each of the Fact Checkers Unit’s adventures over on their dedicated Youtube Channel.

 This post is sponsored, however opinions are that of the author.